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I would rather have a Neutral Steam-Powered Auctioneer

The new changes are great. I will have my own personal butler, access to an Auction House from Dalaran, I can teleport through a wormhole and among other things. Before I get too excited I am going to wait for the next PTR patch or two to see if there are any changes. I believe Blizzard will “twink” some of them for better or worse (depends on how you see it ;P)

Overall, this is a good start.

However there is one particular change I would like Blizzard to consider. Allow the Steam-Powered Auctioneer access the Neutral Auction House not your own faction’s Auction House. Right now the Neutral Auction House is rarely, if ever, used. This is mostly due to the location of the Neutral Auction House. You have to travel by air or water to a far off location (Winterspring, Gadgetezan, Booty Bay, Tuskarr village) to gain access to the Neutral AH. Most of the time traveling to the Neutral-AH is not worth the time and effort.

If Blizzard allowed access to the Neutral Auction House through the Steam Powered Auctioneer in Dalaran, the Auction House could stimulate the economy between factions. Horde and Alliance players can buy/sell items without having to go outside of the game (i.e. WoW forums). Plus this will help the lower populated servers.

Also this could potentially increase profitability of the Engineering profession since only Grand Master engineers have access the auctioneer.

It is something to think about.

Here is a list of the changes:

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Email change

My email has changed to If you have any questions/concerns/ideas feel free to send me an email.

-Rudy (/gasp, I’m using my real first name)

p.s. This is still original Salud not Salud7 ;P

Ulduar: It’s a wipe!

Last night was my guild’s worse Ulduar raid. We manage to wipe around 12x on two bosses, Kologarn (5x) and Auriaya(7x); and only manage to take down one boss (Kologarn). These two bosses are generally easy for us but last night they weren’t.

I hate nights like that.

(Previous night we took out; Flame leviathan, XT-002, Razorscale, Ignus)

T9 Bonus

Paladin T9 Tank

    2P Bonus — Decreases the cooldown on your Righteous Defense ability by 2 sec.
    4P Bonus — Decreases the cooldown on your Divine Protection ability by 30 sec.

Paladin T9 Retribution

    2P Bonus (Righteous Vengeance) — Your Righteous Vengeance talent now has a chance for its damage to be critical strikes.
    4P Bonus (Judgement) — Increases the critical strike chance of your Judgements by 5%.

Paladin T9 Holy

    2P Bonus (Judgement) — Increases the duration of your Judgements by 10 sec.
    4P Bonus (Holy Light) — Increases the critical strike chance of your Holy Light spell by 5%.



That is the amount of honor I received from yesterday’s Wintergrasp match and completed two dailies. I’m not sure if that is high but it sure is alot of Honor points in one sitting.

I’m not complaining…

Happy Father’s Day!

To all the fathers who play WoW or not, Happy Father’s Day!

Freya Downed! (10-Man)

Last night after 6 attempts we finally downed Freya (guild first). The boss was not difficult but the adds were tough. Particularly the 3 adds; Storm Lasher, Ancient Water Spirit and Snaplasher. Those 3 adds gave us a bit of trouble. For some reason we could not figure out how to kill them. Either we were too slow in killing them before the next wave or the off-tank was killed by the stacking debuff.

Finally the last attempt we got our rhythm and took the adds with enough time to caught our breath before the next wave. Good times!

Blizzard Killed the Engineer Star

Why be an engineer when you can get an orc boy to do your work, buy tinkers/toys from Dalaran’s Toy Store, get a pair of goggles from Ulduar, the list can go on?


Blizzard is pushing me away from my favorite profession.

Ulduar Paladin Tank Tip



Grabbing the adds can be a chore since they scatter once they appear which will cause some annoyance with the raid if some escape.

Immediately after the right arm has been destroyed be sure to stand in the rubble then cast concentration. This will ensure the pack of earth elementals will get hit by your concentration when they appear. If you are a second or two late the elementals will scatter and attack the party.

FYI – You may need to compensate for your personal latency.

Once you have established control of the elementals, kite them to Kologarn’s body. Then any splash damage will hit the adds and eventually kill them. Also this will keep you safe from the eye beams and allow you to obtain the bosses aggro (if necessary).

When the right arm re-generates, ask the raid to kill the remaining adds (if any). Then help DPS then move into position once the right arm has been destroyed. Rinse and repeat.

OK, ok….I am jumping on the band wagon

I am going to roll a druid because the new tauren cat forms look amazing.

Now I need to get a bind on account 2-H mace and shoulders

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