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This is priceless!!

Someone is selling his/her account on Ebay. He/she did a great job in whiting out the names but the dope provided the armory link. Too Funny!

Source: WoW Forum

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No Free Respec

Blizzard will not give a free respec in the upcoming 2.1.0 patch.

From Drysc:

Free respecs are only given in cases where talent positions actually move and would break a build, and not in cases where talents are simply altered as far as the benefit they provide.

Unmarked Paladin Class Set

Every class has a hidden set which can be just as good or better than Tier 3.5 but the look is the same as the Tier 2 set.

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A Guide to the Upcoming Changes

I found an interesting thread by Duljan posted in the WoW’s forum. Duljan has provided a comprehensive guide on the upcoming changes to the Paladin class.

I do agree with a lot of his research but being a protection spec paladin I am questioning a few of his comments on protection.

Avengers Shield Change – Don’t let the Avenger’s Shield change fool you. It may seem like a buff, but they missed the point entirely on this one. With the nerf to spiritual attunement, retaining enough mana to tank will be harder than ever for longer fights. We can now cast this for additional threat while tanking, which is nice. However, the mana cost is simply too high and you won’t be able to use it anyway.

I do agree that Avenger Shield mana cost is high but you will not use this talent as often as you think.

Buffs to Avoidance – Now they’ve “buffed” our tanking ability by buffing our avoidance. For example, they’ve re-itemized our T4 tanking gear by removing mp5 entirely and adding more avoidance to it. That’s just great. So now we don’t get mana back from overheals, we don’t take as much damage so I’m effectively gaining mana back slower than before, and we’re left spamming mana pots to tank….think about that for a second… a tank… spamming super mana pots… instead of healing pots at crucial moments.

It never hurts to bring mana pots or cast seal of wisdom

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Libram Guide

I have created a page for the librams you can obtain from various instances and world drops within World of Warcraft.

If I missed one or see an error in the description, please let me know I will gladly update the post.

Source: Libram Guide

PTR Patch 2.1.0 Notes

Thi is a major patch with alot of changes. Click here

Here are the changes to the Paladin Class

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PallyPower Addon

Here is a great addon that displays a cast window which shows how many people require blessings and timers for remaining time of your blessings.


Source: WoWAce PallyPower

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