A paladin is one of the most gear dependant class in the game. What you are wearing can either make you or break you. Be sure to keep your gear update to date and should not fall lower than 5 levels from your current level.

When upgrading your gear, stats are the most critical element to a paladin and should be considered.
Below is what each statistic gains, which will give some feedback if the gear is an upgrade and suitable to your play style.

Statistics with an asterix (*) are based on a level 60 paladin. With these particular stats, it can be assumed that a lower-level character would gain MORE for the stat, not less.

1 strength = 2 attack power
20 strength = 1 more block value to shields (It doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up)

14 attack power = 1 damage per second.

20 agility = 1% chance to score a critical melee-based attack*
20 agility = 1% chance to dodge a melee attack*
1 agility = 2 armor class

1 intellect = 15 mana
28.5 intellect = 1% chance to score a critical strike with spells*

1 stamina = 10 health, plain and simple.

Spirit, as a statistic, is not something most paladins should really consider.

1 defense = +.04% chance to block, dodge, and parry and decreases your enemy’s chance to score a critical strike and hit you by .04%. (Note: Players cannot score crushing blows. Only mobs can.)

Now which stat is the best? Well, there isn’t one. This ultimately depends on your play style. However there are 3 statistics that will improve your overall performance; Stamina, Intellect, and +Spell Damage. Keep in mind, as a blood elf, the +spell damage is not readily available until you’re in Outlands.

Spell Damage Coefficients
What is 1 spell damage or 1 healing equivalent to? Well, they don’t directly add on to a spell’s damage or healing. If they did, certain spells would become much weaker and stronger in relationship to each other, and blizzard has set up the game to have a spell’s relative strength stay roughly equivalent as your gear scales up. Each spell, therefore, has a coefficient for what amount of spell damage directly affects it.

So if the spell “Spell of Light” has a +damage coefficient of 50%, it will take 2 points of +spell damage to increase the damage it deals by 1. So the following are the numbers, taken directly from (they seem to be completely accurate).

Offensive Abilities

9.2% per 1.0 weapon speed, One-handed Seal of Righteousness
10.8% per 1.0 weapon speed, Two-handed Seal of Righteousness
73% Judgement of Righteousness
20% Seal of Command
43% Judgement of Command
76% Consecration
43% Holy Shock
43% Hammer of Wrath*
43% Exorcism*
19% Holy Wrath*
20% Holy Shield (5% per Block)*
9% Avenger’s Shield
17% Seal of Vengeance (per tick)
43% Judgement of Vengeance
0% Seal of Blood


71% Holy Light
43% Flash of Light
43% Holy Shock


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