“How do Procs-Per-Minute and Seals work?”

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PPM or Procs Per Minute

PPM is the basis for many weapon enchants but most importantly it’s the basis of the whole Seal system for the Paladin class, save Seal of Blood, Crusader, and Righteousness because they are 100% chance on hit.

Now the popular belief is that you are guaranteed a number of procs per minute but at the same time you are limited to those amount of procs.

This is in fact INCORRECT.

“Procs Per Minute”

Is just a fancy term for % based on weapon speed.

Yes folks every time your Seal description reads “Chance on hit” and doesn’t give an exact percentage, (Like Windfury for example 20%) It means that the chance for it to proc is based on the speed of your weapon.

If you use a fast weapon you have a lower chance to proc per swing.
If you use a slow weapon you have a higher chance to proc per swing.

The king of Proc and most popular seal I will use for an example.

Seal of Command.

Seal of Command is slated at 7 Procs Per Minute (6.8 to be exact)

A simple formula can be used for this, we will use a 3.8 speed weapon.

Take the course of a minute (Procs Per Minute)

60 Seconds Divided by Weapon Speed Divided by 7 PPM.

60(Seconds) / 3.8(Weapon Speed) ~ 15.7

7(Procs Per Minute) / 15.7 = .4458… (44%)

This means per hit with a 2handed weapon you have 44% chance to proc SoC.

Now with a 1handed weapon with a speed of say 2.8

60(Seconds) / 2.8(Weapon Speed) ~ 21.4

7(Procs Per Minute) / 21.4 = .327 (32%)

With a 1hander of 2.8 speed you have a 32% chance per hit to proc it.

Seal of Command: 7 Procs Per Minute
Seal of Vengeance 20 Procs Per Minute
Seal of Justice: Between 7-10
Seal of Light: Between 10-15
Seal of Wisdom: Between 10-15

What about Judgments?

Unlike their Seals, Judgment of Light and Wisdom have a fixed Proc rate instead of based off weapon speed, it is probably safe to assume that using a faster weapon is more beneficial when it comes to JoL and JoW.

The Seals however still have a higher chance per hit with a slow weapon to proc.

Haste Effects and Procs!

Attack Speed increasing effects DO NOT decrease your % chance to proc, your chance to proc an attack is based off your BASE weapon speed, so increasing the attack speed does not have any effect on your chance to hit.

Haste effects increase your PPM over the course of a minute.

For example: If you are using a 3.8 speed weapon with a 44% chance to proc Seal of Command and you receive a 30% increase to attack speed.

You are attacking at a 2.66 speed rate, if you are attacking every 2.66 seconds, but you are still maintaining a 44% chance to proc Seal of Command via 3.8 weapon. You PPM will effectively be raised.

Extra Attacks, Extra Procs, Extra DPS.

Extra attacks too will raise your PPM, your Procs Per Minute is based on the idea that you will be attacking once ever 3.8 seconds, however if you throw in extra attacks via windfury, hand of justice, etc. You will be adding in extra attacks that will be able to proc your Seal.

For instance if you attack every 3.8 seconds over the course of a minute, and gain 1 extra attack through Hand of Justice and proc a Seal of Command off that extra attack, your PPM would be one more than it should for that minute, giving you 8 PPM ( 7.8 approximately) for that minutes duration

Reckoning, Windfury, and Seal of Command

Now when you have case where you have Seals and extra attacks such as Reckoning or Windfury, Seal of Command CANNOT double proc, it has a chance to proc off both attacks but can only proc off ONE of the two attacks, so while Reckoning and Windfury procs give you a higher chance to proc Seal of Command, you cannot double proc it.

Hand of Justice is the only “Extra Attack” means I have seen where you can double proc Seal of Command, and that is probably because it’s only 2-1% chance.

Also in addition is

Seals: What’s Melee? What’s Spell?

Another thing I’ve noticed A LOT on this board is people that don’t know what seals properties are as far as melee and crit, well that’s one more thing I’d like to clarify

We’ll start with the baseline seal

Seal of Righteousness:

SoR cannot crit but instead gives static holy damage on every attack, SoR can be resisted and increased by spell damage but CANNOT crit, however it’s judgment can crit and is based on your SPELL critical rating and crits for a 1.5 multiplier.

Seal of Command:

Seal of Command functions very differently from Seal of Righteousness, Seal of Command is a proc based off your weapon damage, it’s weapon damage is increased by both attack power and spell power(20%) coefficient, but mostly attack power. Seal of Command is a can be Dodged, Parried, Missed, and Blocked like a melee attack, it however can also be partially resisted but only in PvE, now like a melee attack it also crits for a x2 modifier and is based off your MELEE crit rating.

Now the tricky part Judgment of Command, Judgment of Command is a SPELL that is based on MELEE Crit rate and crits for x2, tricky right?

Judgment of Command is only increased by spell damage(43% Coefficient), It is RESISTED like a spell but not dodged, missed, parried, or blocked. Attack power does nothing for it, however to increase the chance to crit with it you must stack on melee crit, so to increase your chance to crit with it you need

Melee crit gear
Sanctified Crusader
Leader of the Pack

To increase the damage with it you must have spell damage gear

+spell damage
Judgment of the Crusader
Wrath of Air totem
imp. Divine spirit

Once more, it’s a spell that is increased by spell damage but is based off your melee crit rate

Well that’s all there is to it

(Credit: Aireon, Arthas)


2 Responses to “PROCS-PER-MINUTE”

  1. 1 Rholand November 21, 2007 at 10:02 am

    Ah ha! The light has finally come on with all the “slower weapon is better” talk I see out there.

    If you take two weapons that have the same DPS but one does small damage with many hits per minute while the other does large damage with few hits per minute to get there, the slower weapon will deal more SofC damage per minute (or per second as in DPS)

    example:two weapons with 20 DPS rating.

    Weapon #1 has speed of 1 swing per 1.7 seconds (35.3 swings per minute @ 34 damage per swing)

    Weapon #2 has speed of 1 swing per 3.8 seconds (15.7 swings per minute @ 76.4 (!) damage per swing)

    I’ll leave the rest of the math to you but here is what I got:

    weapon #1 gets 166.8 holy damage from SofC every minute

    weapon #2 gets 374 holy damage from SofC per minute!!!


    Its not that weapon #2 is slower, its that it does more damage in one swing which makes SofC go much farther when it activates.


  1. 1 Mystic Chicanery » Getting all Offensive Trackback on September 7, 2007 at 1:08 pm

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