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Mudd Dolls


A World of Warcraft fan from China made cute clay sculptures (a.k.a Mudd Dolls) of various classes and races.

I’m a person that does not like “cute” things but these mudd dolls were made very well.

Source: and MMO Site


Changed Theme

As you can see I changed the theme of the website from a light background to a dark background. I hope you enjoy the change as much as I do.

Patch 2.4 Raising Daily Cap to 25

A Swedish magazine Level published a long interview with Jeff Kaplan discussing patch 2.4.

One part of the interview I would like to point out is:

“Patch 2.4 will raise the cap on the amount of Daily quests allowed on a given day, from 10 to 25.”

The increase tells me two things:

1.There is no reason why I should keep standard quest when I hit 70. Since I can obtain more of a reward from Dailies (i.e. reputation, gold)

2.Items will cost more in the Auction House thus affecting the economy. This can potentially force “some” players in buying gold just to purchase items from the Auction House.

Overall I like this change but for me to complete 25 dailies a day would take me up to 8 hours. I just don’t the time to do that.

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Honor After Death

After running a numerous amount of BGs the last few weeks I have noticed several players staying dead and lingering around fight. This made me ponder, can you collect honor points when you’re dead even if you did not assist in the kills or capping a tower or capturing a flag? If you can collect honor then prepare for new virus affecting the battlegrounds.

This hybridAFK can potentially obtain the full amount of honor (in the area) with out assisting in kills or capping a tower or capturing a flag. Plus it may not be detectable since most are looking for players at the starting area standing around. If they are caught, the player can simply rez and die once again to restart the process.

Let me know if I’m wrong.

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Eyonix the Paladin?

Eynoix, WoW’s forum community Manager, created a Paladin a few weeks ago and posted a Q&A seeking advise on how to level his/her paladin after level 40.

Source : WoW Paladin Forum

I understand the thread but I can’t believe a “community manager” would ask simple questions which were answered before, numerous times. Eyonix does not utilize their own resources and should tell everyone again the WoW forums are a joke.

Soy Willy Toledo y soy un Paladín!

The Spanish Version of the new World of Warcraft Commercial “What’s your game?” with Willy Toledo.

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