Starting anew

My guild on Vek’nilash had a few weeks off. This was due to the holiday season and most of the members were going out of town or taking a small holiday break. This paused our end-game progression until the start of the new year and left me to do some solo stuff (i.e. PVP, dailies, quest, etc) or start leveling my alt.

At first I continued my PVP grind to obtain the rest of my retribution PVP gear (Rings, boots, etc) since I have majority of the season one gear. However obtaining the gear has brought a little struggle with the Alliance AV boycott (Battlegroup 9: Bloodlust) and pre-mades from the other BGs left me to do the bare minimum. Just get enough honor points (1-2K) and complete the daily PVP for that day. However the battlegrounds have always been a “side-quest” and I often get bored to do other things.

So after a few days of the PVP grind and getting bored of the grind I decided to resurrect my first human Paladin that I started over 2 years ago on a PVP server (Boulderfist). Plus I recently got in touch with an old friend that I’ve known for a long time.

After a few days of leveling there is one element that eluded me about a PVP server. People PVP … a lot. No matter what your level is they will attack. It sounds funny for me to say but I’ve been playing on a PVE server for some time and I don’t worry about PVP unless I am in the battlegrounds or I am flagged. But after awhile I got use to it and accepted my defeat, prevailed in victory or bubble hearth.

Overall leveling on a PVP server has brought a new rush of excitement, which is making my leveling enjoyable with every “Ding!”


1 Response to “Starting anew”

  1. 1 Galoheart January 2, 2008 at 7:07 pm

    Do whats fun for you. Remember its your time you invest in the game for FUN. Have fun with whatever element of the game you choose to play because if your not happy with what your doing much just not going to matter. Sometimes its just playing an Alt or on a PvP server for a time to regain some fun like you did, simply its just doing whats fun and that will always keep things new and exciting.

    Wish you the Best in the New Year!

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