Patch 2.3.2 is live

Patch Notes

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* Crusader Strike (Retribution) now causes 110% of weapon damage and no longer gains any bonus from spell damage.
* Righteous Fury: This spell will no longer cost twice the listed mana to cast.
* Sanctified Judgements (Retribution) now returns 80% of the Seal’s mana cost, increased from 50%.


* /timetest is a command that can be run to provide information on game performance. /timetest 0 turns the command off. When the command is issued, the next time a player uses a flight master to travel, certain statistics will be measured and displayed at the end of that flight. All weather effects and spawns are shutdown during the test.
* Effects triggered from being critically hit: Many abilities and talents were changed in 2.3.0 to allow them to trigger from critical strikes that occurred while the player benefitting from them was sitting.
* Quest givers with blue question marks no longer show up on the minimap.
* NPC’s who you have completed a quest for will display a question mark on mouseover rather than an exclamation point.
* The bank controls for the guildmaster level of a guild is now grayed out. A guildmaster always has full access to a guild bank and this cannot be changed.
* A “Withdraw-Repair Only” button has been added to the guild bank controls. If this is set for a guild rank, then that rank cannot actually withdraw funds from the guild bank, but they can still use that daily amount of money for repairs.
* You will now automatically stand up when attacked, even if the attack doesn’t land.
* Boat and zeppelin vendors and NPCs are are back on duty.
* Reduced network latency by disabling the Nagle algorithm.


* Warmasters/marshals in Alterac Valley now increase each other’s maximum health and damage by 20%. This is a stacking effect.


* Lifebloom: When this ability is refreshed it will take on the strength of the incoming Lifebloom effect, rather than maintain the existing strength.
* Ravage: The damage multiplier on this ability has been increased from 350% to 385%.


* Arcane Shot: Ranks 1-5 will once again deal bonus damage based on attack power.
* Aspect of the Viper effect increased.
* Freezing Trap is no longer limited to one target at a time.
* Pet leveling speed has been increased.


* Cold Snap (Frost) cooldown reduced. It is now in the Ice Block position in the talent tree. This ability will no longer reset the cooldown on Fire Ward.
* Conjure Mana Gem mana restore variance substantially reduced,(Rank 5 – Emerald) now restores 2340 to 2460 mana and has three charges.
* Ice Block (Frost) is now available on the trainer to all mages at level 30.
* Icy Veins (NEW Frost Talent) decreases casting time of all spells by 20% and increases the chance your chilling effects will freeze the target by 10%. Lasts 20 sec. 3 min cooldown. It is now in the Cold Snap position in the talent tree.


* Crusader Strike (Retribution) now causes 110% of weapon damage and no longer gains any bonus from spell damage.
* Righteous Fury: This spell will no longer cost twice the listed mana to cast.
* Sanctified Judgements (Retribution) now returns 80% of the Seal’s mana cost, increased from 50%.


* Ambush: The damage multiplier on this ability has been increased from 250% to 275%.
* Cheat Death: When multiple attacks land simultaenously, all those resolved after the attack which triggered Cheat Death will now have their damage reduced by 90% as intended. However, the combat log will still report them doing full damage.
* Hemorrhage: Rank 4 of this ability no longer has its charges consumed by non-physical attacks and spells.
* Hemorrhage weapon damage reduced from 125% to 110%, but the damage debuff has been increased.
* Hemorrhage: This ability now correctly does additional damage when its debuff has already been applied.
* Preparation now resets the cooldown of Shadowstep and no longer resets the cooldown of Adrenaline Rush.
* Shadowstep now adds a 3 second, 70% movement speed increase.
* Sinister Calling now also increases the percentage damage bonus of Hemorrhage and Backstab by 2/4/6/8/10%.


* Lightning Shield mana cost reduced.
* Water Shield now restores mana periodically regardless of how many charges remain. Duration increased to 10 minutes.


* The health cost taken from the Warlock after using Health Funnel will now remain consistent between uses.


* Defiance: The expertise granted by this talent now works properly in all stances.
* Warriors no longer lose rage when using a macro to enter a stance they’re already in.


* Cooking
o Goldthorn Tea was erroneously unlearned by most players who had learned the recipe. The recipe has been re-enabled and can be learned again from Henry Stern in Razorfen Downs at no cost.
* Enchanting:
o Enchant Shield – Resilience now requires a Runed Fel Iron Rod instead of a Runed Adamantite Rod.
* Leatherworking:
o Increased the range of leatherworking drums to 40 yards. Drums of Panic remains unchanged at 8 yards.


* Amani Charm of the Witch Doctor: Tooltip typo corrected.
* Hearthstone: The cast time on this item is no longer affected by spell haste.
* Hex Shrunken Head: This item now has a 20 second shared cooldown with other similar trinkets.
* Icy Chill Enchant: The triggered effect from this enchantment will now cause a melee slow and movement snare as intended.
* Idol of the Unseen Moon: This item now has a 30 second cooldown on being triggered.
* Idol of Terror: The triggered agility buff from this item no longer overwrites other agility buffs.
* The Netherscale Ammo Pouch is no longer a Unique item.
* The Knothide Quiver is no longer unique.
* The Vengeful Gladiator’s Grimoire is now available on vendors.

Dungeons and Raids

* Heroic Coilfang Resevoir- Steamvaults
o Mekgineer Steamrigger’s Main Chambers Access Panel is no longer interactable until Mekgineer Steamrigger has been killed.
* Tempest Keep- The Eye
+ The number of Blood Elves guarding Prince Kael’Thas’ room has been reduced.
* Zul’Aman
+ The Amani’shi Warrior’s Charge ability now has a minimum range.
+ The melee haste provided by Halazzi’s Frenzy has been reduced to 100%.
+ Dragonhawks in Zul’Aman can now be skinned. This doesn’t include dragonhawks that do not have loot.

o Blade’s Edge Mountains: Players accepting the bombing run quests in Blade’s Edge Plateaus will no longer cause other players in the region to stand up.

User Interface
o There is now an option to turn off the screen edge damage flash when you have a fullscreen UI up.
o You can sell stacks by dropping them on the merchant window again.
o Ready check (/readycheck) will now display a visual display of each party/raid member’s status next to their name. This will display in the Party UI, the Raid UI and the Raid pullout UI. A player will get a check mark if they are ready, a question mark if they have not replied and a red X if they are not ready or are afk.
o You can now see raid members on the minimap as dark blue dots in addition to party members which still display as light blue dots.
o You can now shift click names while the petition window is open to paste them into the petition.
o Fixed various problems with /castsequence getting stuck.
o /cast will toggle spells again unless the name is prefixed with an exclamation mark, e.g. /castsequence Steady Shot, !Auto Shot

Bug Fixes
o Characters may now possess up to five Paper Flying Machines in a single stack.
o Fixed “Spell/Ability is not ready yet” message when clicking quickly at the beginning of a cast.
o Fixed a server disconnect when moving the mouse over recipes in the guild bank.
o Gnomish Universal Remote will now work properly with the Fel Cannon.
o Disconnecting a USB HeadSet will no longer cause problems with the Voice Chat dropdown menus.
o Clockwork Rocket Bots will no longer attack each other in Shattrath City.
o Channel changes will now appear properly in the chat log after zoning in or out of instances.
o Unplugging headphones/speakers then plugging them back in while in WoW no longer disables all sound in WoW
o If the original owner of a custom channel gives leadership away their options menu will no longer show that they have moderation privileges.
o The first custom created guild ranking will now properly show up in the Guild Control pane drop down menu.
o Control-clicking on inventory items that teach recipes will now properly display you wearing the item made by the recipe in the dressing room UI.
o Fixed an issue that was not allowing all charges of a Field Repair Bot to be used.
o Creatures with random player targeting crowd control abilities such as fear, charm, or sleep will now properly choose a random eligible target rather than just choosing the nearest eligible target.
o The various Hallow’s End broom mounts now have their proper real-time (rather than game-time) duration of 14 days.
o Tricky Treats now have their proper real-time (rather than game-time) duration of 24 hours.


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