Daily World PVP

I am curious as to why Blizzard has not implemented daily WORLD PVP quests using Halaa, Hellfire Peninsula, Auchindoun, and even Eastern Plaguelands (I’m forgetting a place). This would allow an alternative way to obtain honor points and potentially open the door to World PVP. Also would get us ready for the new PVP zone in WotLK.

Is Blizzard worried about the servers crashing? Increase of latency? Possibly but Blizzard would not have added those areas in the first place if that was the case.

Anyone have any reason why?.

Here are my ideas:
The daily quest can be similar to Hellfire Peninsula quest; capture the towers to get tokens.

Quest: Take X number of guards and capture Halaa
Reward: 5 Halaa Battle Tokens, 11 gold, 400 honor points

Quest: Capture X number of towers
Reward: 1 Spirit Shard, 9 gold, 400 honor points

Hellfire Peninsula
Quest: Capture 3 towers
Reward: 3 Tokens, 9 gold, 400 honor points

Eastern Plagulands
Quest: Capture all towers
Reward: 5 gold, 400 honor points

Having two sources of daily PVP would allow us to gain more honor points.


4 Responses to “Daily World PVP”

  1. 1 Sandorak January 12, 2008 at 9:59 am

    Definitely makes sense. I think it would jumpstart World PvP like they’ve been trying to do when implementing those in the first place. Adding honor and gold would jumpstart it pretty good I think.

  2. 2 Leykis January 14, 2008 at 1:39 pm

    They have daily PvP quests for Honor Hold (there’s one for horde too) for the 3 towers that you have to control. At 70, it’s considered low-level, so you have to find the quest giver, but they’re there. The quest doesn’t give honor, but there is a bit of gold and rep (each has some nice things to offer at exalted). You also get tokens for killing opposing faction players in or around the flag.

  3. 3 Salud January 14, 2008 at 3:50 pm

    I am aware of the quest and I have done it a few times but there wasn’t that much PVP. There were a few times which an alliance and I were trading towers.

    If blizzard includes honor points to the quest you would see more of a turn out and possibly starting World PVP. Maybe even begin battles similar to the epic battles at Southshore. /gasp!

  4. 4 Leykis January 15, 2008 at 8:57 am

    We were guild farming the elemental plateau in nagrand and realized that a lot of horde had just taken Halaa…we had to do it…about 15-20 of us went on the offensive…it was a bloody battle…afterwards, we took stock and each of us had a minimum of 65 combat tokens…I imagine well over 1000 tokens were generated in that little event.

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