No Mp5?

I came across a post a few days ago from World of Warcraft Paladin Forum called “Why we suck (Part 2, Continued)”. For some reason the title intrigued me so I clicked on the post and began to read it. A few minutes later I started to hear music, similar to the music from the Goldshire kids. This was getting louder and louder. Then my ears and eyes began to bleed. I couldn’t take the QQ anymore. I closed the Internet browser and ran under my bed, curled up in the fetal position mumbling “QQ” over and over again.

Normally I avoid these posts like the plague since most are generally players QQ about something but one point of the post maybe think (/gasp). Majority of the Paladin gear does not have Mp5, if not all, particular healing gear. Why is that?

Mp5 is a great stat since paladins are known to spam heals which increases the value of Mp5. Blizzard needs to re-itemize paladin gear with some Mp5.

Paladin Forum – Why We Suck (Part 2, Continued)

The Problem with Paladins:

– Divine Shield used to be the lifeline of a Paladin. Now Druids can spam an ability that renders it useless, and Priests can just dispel it. Past that, once its been used, a Paladin is 100% DEFENSELESS.

– Blessing of Freedom was too unique and useful to be left alone, so it needed a longer cooldown obviously… lets ignore the fact a bunch of classes can remove it… purge, dispel, arcane shot, spell steal, devour magic…

– Blessing of Sacrifice… wow… no one ever complained about this. It was probably one of the most balanced tools a Paladin had…. but you know what? Lets just slap on a 30 second cooldown for no reason, and still make it just as easy to remove as freedom.

– Illumination… so effin OP. Specing for a useful regen talent? No way, not allowed. Lets nerf that in half. Then, after that, lets NOT reitemize anything. So… Paladins still have 0 Mp5, and now their spell crits give half as much back. Great idea.

– No Passive Regen or Regen cooldowns…. Like mentioned in the previous section, the nerfed Illumination is all the Paladins get in terms of mana regen. All of the Paladin PvP gear (minus misc healing items, like rings and trinkets) have ZERO Mp5. Therefore, a Paladin has very little Mp5, and can only actively regen if healing. This means that the only way a Paladin can regen mana… is by using it. Not only that, but you get back LESS mana now, making Illumination a horrible talent… especially now that most teams can drain in some way. Also, every other class has regen cooldowns. Priests have Shadow Fiend, Druids have Innervate, and Shamans have Mana Tide Totem and Water Shield. Wheres the Paladin equivalent?

– Cleanse… never nerfed, but indirectly weakened after other class buffs. The fact that this ability costs more than a Flash of Light, only removes one debuff, and usually doesn’t even WORK because other classes have talents to resist dispelling. This ability has become almost obsolete. If I get Viper Stung, with 5 stacks of scorpion poison and any other misc debuffs… I might as well not even bother cleansing. I’ll just be wasting more mana.

– Hammer of Justice… one minute cooldown, resists over half the time (people have talents and racials). Useless ability. Never works when you need it to, and its the only interrupt or escape talent that Paladins have. Priests have AoE fear and Mind Control (sometimes Silence), Druids can cyclone/roots/bash/maim/travel form, Shamans can Frost Shock, Earth Shock, and Earthbind totem…

– Holy Shock…. Three times the mana cost of flash, and heals for less? Flash already heals for nothing… let alone with MS/wound poison…

– Plate Armor… We have the lowest HP of the 4 healing classes, and are the easiest to lock down… we might as well be in cloth.

– Heals… Holy Light is the only viable healing spell in arenas. Flash of Light is too weak, and not enough to keep people alive… especially when being crowd controlled. Therefore, Paladins lose their mana efficiency that is associated with Flash of Light… PLUS they’re working with nerfed Illumination AND multiple mana burning abilities… goodbye all Paladin efficiency.

– Heals… or lack thereof… No instant casts, shields, or HoTs… makes arena healing a joke. Not only are we EASILY locked down through abilities that increase cast time, but most classes have ways to interrupt healing, leaving the Paladin exposed and potentially useless for long periods of time. Furthermore, you must be in LoS of the person for every heal you cast, making you an easy target for all sorts of mana burns.

– Being Counterspelled/Kicked/Pummeled… not only common, and very easy to apply to a Paladin… but doing so locks the Paladin out of EVERY ABILITY HE HAS… including switching auras, even. Therefore, CSing a Paladin renders him or her USELESS for the duration. Every other healing class has another school of magic to use if one gets locked out. Counterspell a Priest heal, he can Mana Burn and vise versa. Counterspell a Regrowth, a Druid can still Moonfire/Starfire or Decurse or Shapeshift into any form and use any form ability. Counterspell a Lesser Healing Wave, and get Frost Shocked. Counterspell a Holy Light… can’t cast a seal, can’t judge a person, can’t switch auras, can’t Divine Shield, can’t BoP, can’t cleanse, can’t bless, can’t HoJ, can’t taunt (a pet), can’t do ANYTHING except Auto Attack….

– Limited Mobility… self explanatory…

Conclusion, and how to fix Paladins: Paladins have been nerfed into oblivion because everyone cried about them being “overpowered”. Now, in conjunction with other classes being buffed, Paladins have become…. useless.

Any of the following would be much welcomed (not to mentioned badly needed) changes, in order of importance:

1. Give us some form of instant cast healing… any will do. A HoT, an instant, some sort of shield…
2. Rebuff Illumination -OR- Reitemize the gear with less spell crit and more Mp5.
3. Buff our talent that increases the chance people don’t remove our spells (Stoicism) to 100%, for all Blessings and Seals…. then move it deep into Holy, rather than Prot.
4. Buff HoJ. Lower the cooldown, or make it unresistable -OR- make Repentance baseline.
5. Buff Cleanse. Buff it to remove 2 debuffs per cleanse, or add in a talent in the Holy Tree to do that, along with an increased chance to cleanse.


9 Responses to “No Mp5?”

  1. 1 Swathcutter February 4, 2008 at 9:18 am

    Pallies can QQ more about not having MP/5 gear. The day one actually runs out of mana it *may* be looked at. That day just hasn’t happened yet.

  2. 2 Fedaykin98 February 4, 2008 at 5:14 pm

    Yeah, Paladin healers don’t need MP5; all the Healadins I know want more Spell Crit. I’m a Tankadin and I don’t want to spend points on MP5; during hard fights, I’ll have all the mana I need from heals. I can’t really speak to Ret, so I’ll say nothing.

  3. 3 Leykis February 4, 2008 at 5:21 pm

    About the only part of this I agree with is that Divine Shield has been nerfed into uselessness. Blizz should change the tooltip to reflect that an obscene amount of exceptions now exist to the invulnerability that it pretends to have. Can’t cleanse remove up to 3 effects at once (1 of each type)??

  4. 4 Titan24 March 20, 2008 at 9:17 pm

    Paladins are to vulnerable to CC methods like you say. One Counterspell and thats it. The bubble was our only defense, now its easily dispelled. Illumination was the paladin way of regaining mana, and now we have to perform some crap balancing act between crit and mp5.

    Also, why are our heals so weak? I have 2100 bonus healing but a priest with ALOT lower can heal for ALOT more than my Flash of Light and Holy Light.

    I dont agree that cleansing needs buffing, but everything else in this articl is correct.

  5. 5 Caibhern June 27, 2008 at 9:34 pm

    I don’t think that bliz ever meant pallies to be the main healer in anything other than a 5 man. I agree that a HoT would be great, but we do have ways of regening mana (SoW and JoW), but this ability could be buffed just a bit. One thing I definately agree with is that we need to be buffed when it comes to cc. We only have HoJ, which I like, but a druid can keep us out of the fight for an annoying long time. Other than that, I love playing a pally, and I’m often the last man standing in either PvP or PvE situations, whatever the situation is (unless I’m singled out at the beginning of the fight that is)

  6. 6 Ryan July 15, 2008 at 4:39 pm

    All of it is right,

    Leveled a paladin to 70. But that turned out to be an utter waste of time , not playing wow atm cos’ i rly cba the imbalanced class difference-

    Seriously it’s a joke, – Caibhern “but we do have ways of regening mana (SoW and JoW), but this ability could be buffed just a bit.” DUh, dispells easy – and how much mana do they exactly regen ? Near nothing ! Paladins are a broken class no CC no offensive abilities nothing – priests and especially druids are just so much better now ,

    Blizzard are mentally disabled

  7. 7 Ryan July 15, 2008 at 4:46 pm

    Caibhern – sorry just realized you did mention JoW and SoW “could be buffed just a bit” ,-

    But they sure need buffed – ALOT!

  8. 8 Salud July 15, 2008 at 5:02 pm

    @ Ryan

    I’ll allow your post this time but I am removing the curse words. Please refrain from using curse words when you leave a reply. If not I will delete your post.


  9. 9 Resil August 11, 2009 at 3:56 pm

    That post “Why pally sucks” is almost useless. One thing is that hes only talking about PVP! Theres more to Holy Pallys in PVE. Theres pleanty of gear in PVE , T7/8/9 is full of it plus other items. Please , try look into others before you post. That was pathetic. No all pallys are full of haste , crit sp , its easily changable.

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