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World of Warcraft PTR Patch 2.4.2

Bug Fixes
• Paladin Talent: Crusader Strike (Retribution) will now properly receive a damage increase from Seal of The Crusader.
• Paladin healing spells used in castsequence macros are now properly completing the cast sequence when a rank is not specified.
• The Paladin talent Precision (Ranks 1-3) will no longer improperly display daggers and staves as a weapon class in the tooltip.
• Paladins that already have Apprentice Riding skill can now properly learn Summon Warhorse from the trainer



The Return of the Ashbringer

Vaneras (Blizz Dev) made a little comment that the Ashbringer “may” drop in the new Naxxramas instance.

Those of you who wish to know if The Ashbringer will drop again will have to stay tuned for the next BlizzCast, where this will be mentioned briefly 🙂

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The Hidden Message

In late March 2006, Blizzard had an April Fools joke about a new playable race: Wisp. Obviously this was a joke but a month later the second playable race in The Burning Crusade was announced which was the Draenei.

This past April Fools joke, Blizzard mentioned a new Hero Class: The Barb. The joke was hilarious but is Blizzard going to follow the same path, which they may introduce a second Hero Class.
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Paladin Line of the Week

Me: “Do you know how to tank?”
Paladin: “Yes, but I have to be ready to heal when the healer dies”

This came from a RFK pug, which the paladin was tanking. Just say he had a difficult time tanking which killed the healer a few times. After he utters that statement he left the group.

Did he realize what he said or did he think we were bad players? /shrugs

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lol, lolwut

One thing Blizzard did for April Fool’s Day, they made some changes with their forums. With every response blizzard adds “lol”, “imo”, “keke”, etc to the end your response or sentence. After seeing this over and over with every response it’s quite annoying.

However the new hero class, Barb was funny.

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