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Paladin Soloed Onyxia

A few days ago I read an WoW Insider article about a druid that soloed Onyxia but the druid had a hunter on stand by (just in case a warder bugged out). This I found amazing but I started to think, I haven’t seen a Paladin solo Onyxia…until now


Recruiting Guilds

Some guilds are like buzzards, hovering around the world of warcraft looking for a dead carcass (a player without a guild tag). Once they see one, they swoop down to claim it and feed off of it.
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Salud guild-less

Today I mourn over the passing of Sarcophagus. It was a good guild, a great guild…
At the guild’s highest, Sarc was ranked 17th on the server and rising. Very impressive for a causal close-knit group that raided 2-3 nights a week. There is a lot that lead to the demise and I can point out several factors but I wont because it is pointless. However I will tell you the core of the guild kept the guild together for a long time. With out them the guild would of up-ended a few months after the guild was created.

I will miss a lot the members because I considered them friends (my wife calls them my imaginary friends since I never see them). Anyway, take care and Godspeed
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Bring Back the Nostalgic

There has been a lot of talk about the recent comment from Tom Chilton about old world PVP in particular Tarren Mill and Southshore battles.

GameSpy: How did you go from way back in the days when you didn’t believe that World of Warcraft could ever be a competitive eSports type game to now, when you have an eSports team on board?

Tom Chilton : I’ll tell you, it’s been a slow evolution. When WoW first came out, we didn’t really have any semblance of organized PvP. We had Tarren Mill versus Southshore…

GameSpy: Which was awesome!

Tom Chilton : That’s nostalgia speaking! I remember you were interviewing me at E3 a couple years ago and you not thinking that it was so awesome.

I have to admit his comments are somewhat true. The Tarren Mill and Southshore battles were nostalgic since it was the first “true” place, which PVP/World PVP occurred regardless if you were in a PVP or PVE server. I know Crossroads battles were there too but it didn’t have the magnitude as TM/SS battles.

However people seem to forget how bad the servers reacted when a battle occurred. The entire zone would lag which caused choppy game play and sometimes crash the servers. It was also impossible to quest because the lag was horrible or you would get ganked.

No matter how bad it was I wish I could experience it again. So I ask, why couldn’t Blizzard develop a new battleground featuring Tarren Mill and Southshore and bring back the nostalgic?
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Season 4 Arena Gear

I am quite disappointed with the Season 4 Arena gear. Blizzard did not put any effort to provide a uniqueness for each class as they did in the past. They just used a few armor models and recolored them.


I hope they make some changes before they go live with the new arena gear because there are not alot of happy players.

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