Bring Back the Nostalgic

There has been a lot of talk about the recent comment from Tom Chilton about old world PVP in particular Tarren Mill and Southshore battles.

GameSpy: How did you go from way back in the days when you didn’t believe that World of Warcraft could ever be a competitive eSports type game to now, when you have an eSports team on board?

Tom Chilton : I’ll tell you, it’s been a slow evolution. When WoW first came out, we didn’t really have any semblance of organized PvP. We had Tarren Mill versus Southshore…

GameSpy: Which was awesome!

Tom Chilton : That’s nostalgia speaking! I remember you were interviewing me at E3 a couple years ago and you not thinking that it was so awesome.

I have to admit his comments are somewhat true. The Tarren Mill and Southshore battles were nostalgic since it was the first “true” place, which PVP/World PVP occurred regardless if you were in a PVP or PVE server. I know Crossroads battles were there too but it didn’t have the magnitude as TM/SS battles.

However people seem to forget how bad the servers reacted when a battle occurred. The entire zone would lag which caused choppy game play and sometimes crash the servers. It was also impossible to quest because the lag was horrible or you would get ganked.

No matter how bad it was I wish I could experience it again. So I ask, why couldn’t Blizzard develop a new battleground featuring Tarren Mill and Southshore and bring back the nostalgic?

Here is my idea:

This battleground will use the same landscape between Tarren Mills and Southshore and no wider than the Yeti’s cave and the river.

Location of the battleground

Caverns of Time

Number of players
50 total players – 25 in each faction.

Level Requirements
Level 80 (only available to WoTLK accounts)

Starting position:
Alliance – At the docks of Southshore
Horde – A few yards behind the flightmaster.

500 Resources – Each faction will start with 500 resources. Each successful kill will remove one resource from the opposing faction. Once your opposing faction reaches zero your group wins.

There are no objectives as in capture numerous flags and/or towers or kill a boss to win. Just kill enough players to diminish theirs resources to zero. Basically a meet in the middle and fight.

However there is a node in the middle of the battleground that you can control, which will give a small buff (within 40 yard radius) when the node is controlled.

The buffs are:
– 5% Increase to Health and Mana
– 1% Increase to Melee and Spell damage
– 1% Increase to Melee and Spell Critical
– 5% Increase to resilience
– +5 to all attributes (this buff is rare to obtain)

How do you control the node?
Controlling the node is like controlling a tower in Eye of the Storm.

Anytime the group loses control of the node or reverts back to neutral the buff is lost. If the opposing faction controls the node or the same faction re-controls the node a random new buff will be given.

***Keep in mind, controlling a node will help defeat your foe but does not guarantee a victory.

To some this may not be exciting since it has no objectives but this battleground brings a different approach on how honor is gained. What do you think?


Edit 5/9/2008
I like that idea of removing resources when the node is controlled. I will also add that you can gain bonus honor if you control the node for a certain period of time.

-Controlling the node removes 25 resources and every 30 seconds of controlling the node an additional 5 resources will be removed and you obtain 5 bonus honor.
-You will receive 250 bonus honor after 5 minutes of controlling the node (you can only obtained the bonus once per match)

***You must be within the radius to receive any bonus honor.

The only problem I see with my design is to keep the fight in the middle. The only thing I can think of is to put a minimum number of players that must be within the radius of the node in order to control, maintain it and receive bonus honor. If your group falls below the minimum number, your group will start to lose control of the node and stop receiving bonus honor. The more leave the radius the faster you lose control of the node.

Personally I would like a high number of players that would have to be within the radius of the node to control it, 80% of the group is good. This will allow a “few” wonderers and will show the afk’er (to which you can /report). With 25 players it shouldn’t take too long for that afk’er to get a deserter tag.


4 Responses to “Bring Back the Nostalgic”

  1. 1 dionadar May 8, 2008 at 2:38 am

    Although I like the idea, the approach of not having any objectives throws different problems your way:

    Since there is no real reason to leave the defensive, it is possible that one side just tries to shore up and sit tight – if both of them do this, the battleground gets quite boring 😀

    To alleviate that problem I would advise a change to the way the node works.
    Why not have it take away enemy resources?
    If it would not be to easy to change the node from neutral (i.e. having a 3 vs 4 fight leaves the node essentially as it is), nothing would really happen as long as everyone keeps up the fight in the middle.
    However, beware if one side gets destroyed and everyone starts again at the graveyard! In that case they would be more severely punished – and of course, even more important, it would be impossible to sit tight in your base.

    This mode would even allow you to keep all the npcs as they are, since the actual fighting would probably not be anywhere near the towns

  2. 2 James May 8, 2008 at 11:54 am

    Afk’ers would ruin that battleground. Make it so that if your not in combat after 4 minutes you get a 1 minute warning to engage in battle, and if they dont boot them from the BG as a deserter. So what if your on “defense” go get in a fight and get back on defense.

  3. 3 Salud May 9, 2008 at 5:25 am

    I like that idea of removing resources when the node is controlled. I will also add that you can gain bonus honor if you control the node for a certain period of time.

    I’ve updated this post with a few more updates

  4. 4 Debbylowry July 28, 2008 at 12:48 pm

    That is such a good idea I almost pissed myself reading it. One thing you forgot though… The Flight Masters. Definitly need to somehow be incorporated just for fun. Make them hit ridiculously hard (as they used to) and maybe make killing them give some bonus honor

    hell hath no fury…

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