Down Goes Downranking!!!!!

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As you may have noticed, in this latest build we have updated spells and abilities using mana. These no longer cost a fixed amount and instead they’re a percentage of your base bana, not including any mana increase from Intellect. For the most part this should mean mana-based spells and abilities are costing roughly the same amount as they do in the live game, though there might be some slight changes either up or down. But we have tried to keep them as close as possible to the same mana cost for a level 70 as they are now in the live game.

What will change though is that lower rank spells will lose their appeal. We have made this mana cost change purely to prevent downranking, which is an unintended technique that we were not at ease with. We’ve previously tried ways to discourage it, but have decided that we’d rather find a solution than continue to find ways to penalise those who choose to downrank. The solution we chose was to make downranking obsolete, encouraging people to always use their highest rank of each spell and nothing else. The highest rank of a mana-based spell or ability will now remain the most powerful effect, but at the same mana cost as earlier ranks.

We’re certain that for some people this will cause a period of readjustment. Hopefully removing a few more of the extra buttons you’ve been pressing will eventually be seen as a good thing; it might also be easier for some people to do their role without having to learn to downrank. We are anticipating such a big change may have some teething problems, perhaps causing balance issues, and we’re all set to deal with them as they arise. In the meantime, we appreciate any comments and feedback related to this change.

I called it…well sorta. Either way I knew downranking would be eliminated it was a matter when.

Overall I am happy with the change. I can now focus on itemizing my gear than worry about which rank spell to use. However this change may affect Tankadin.

As you know, Tankadins are mana hungry and normally exhaust their mana pool at the end of each fight (or close to it). To minimize this most will utilize a lower rank spell, which will intern conserve some mana and help maintain your threat (ie Consecration, Exocism, etc). The eliminating of downranking will hurt tankadins effectiveness in long mana intense fights.

This is the early stage so I hope Blizzard lowers the mana cost to compensate for this change or allow certain spells to be downranked.

Last thing, will this kill Seal twisting? I hope so. I hate this exploit.


1 Response to “Down Goes Downranking!!!!!”

  1. 1 Kaziel August 15, 2008 at 11:42 pm

    Personally this won’t affect me very much, especially in light of the addition of Shield of Righteousness and Hammer of the Righteous. The primary recipient of downranking was Consecration, because Paladins couldn’t generate enough threat with just Holy Shield and Seals (especially when OTing) which led to us using Consecration for an extra threat boost. With the two new abilities our single-target threat generation is much better and Consecration becomes an AOE spell pretty much exclusively. But then again, I was never much for downranking other than certain fights (Illhoof and Jan’alai come to mind).

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