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I am disappointed with my favorite holiday event: Brewfest. It is not due to the Kodo and Ram mount issue or the missing pink elekk quest (technical issues prevent this quest to be available). The dwarf attacks are still broken. I have tried to complete this quest a few times but I am still not getting credit no matter how times I hit a dwarf with my beer mug. I have reported this to the GM but they’re stating the quest is working as intended. Here is their email addressing the issue.

One part I find interesting is “you will not receive quest items…while in a raid.” If the GM checked my character, they would have noticed my character was not in a raid. /sigh

Also the prize tokens now have a duration. A casual player, like myself, can not save the tokens to purchase an item the following year. Which force us to buy something this year in fear of the duration to expire even though we may not need or want the item. Thus all the work to obtain the coins is gone.

Overall I still like the holiday but I am disappointed.


Fun in Beta: Pics

Blizzard scammed me.

/shakes fist

I did not realize Preserved Brewfest Hops is a one time use. I was fooled by the cooldown. grrr.

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Observation Deck

I’ve noticed a common theme when waiting at the front door of Karazhan. Every flagged class is either a paladin or a hunter.

I find it kind odd I don’t see any other class. /shrug


I finally made some time to log in Beta to check out a few things and perform a few tests. When I attempted to log into Beta I got the following message:

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I finally completed the Death Knight starting zone and was blown away. The story lines were great, the quests were extremely fun and the phasing of events was outstanding. I am definitely going to experience the zone again when the server is more stable. This will allow me to fully immerse myself in the lore.

Great job Blizzard!

First Day of Beta

It was horrible because of the new players invited in Beta. It caused lag throughout the day with a couple of server restarts. However with all the lag I managed to make a Death Knight and did a few quests. One part I found eerie but great was when the Lich King constantly whispers you to “Kill or be Killed” when you were killing civilians. It was great.

Overall I like what I see, I just hope the lag will correct itself.

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