XP Increase for Free Transfers?

Blizzard once again is allowing free transfers from and to selected realms. This is nothing new. Free transfers occur every other month to help balance the servers. But is it worth it? I doubt it since most servers that you’re able to transfer tend be low populated. They generally have no economy, high battleground/arena queues and not enough players to run quest, instances and raids. There is not much hope for a low populated server.

So, how can Blizzard keep those players playing on the “low” populated server and not run away when the going gets tough? Simple, entice the free transfers with something more valuable than Gold and Epics…an experience boost. Yes, an XP boost. This alone will get players to flock to the server thus helping the growth of the server, economy, etc.

Here are my ideas:
Any transfers within the level range of 20-58 will receive a 100% XP increase for 60 days (***not played).
Any transfers within the level 58-70 will receive a 50% XP increase for 45 days (***not played).
90 day transfer cooldown (which means you can not transfer that character from the server for 90 days.)

**Having the XP buff start at level 20 will prevent a level one alt from abusing the free transfer.
*** Also this buff is to benefit the server now not in the future which is why the buff will only last for 45/60 days (real time).

If all goes well, then the only difficult part is for the server to keep/entice the players to stay.


What do you think? What other ways could Blizzard keep players playing on low populated servers?


1 Response to “XP Increase for Free Transfers?”

  1. 1 gnomeaggedon September 3, 2008 at 10:50 pm

    Well, I like the idea.. it really can be a bit of a contributor towards the “Loyalty scheme” type of system rather than they pay us more to level type of system.

    Mind you, it could be open to exploitation… but still, I would like a way of getting another 60+ character without having to forgo my main. But playing 6 hours a week wont allow that, especially as I wont be buying another account

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