Sunwell Dailies in Wrath?

A fellow guildie and paladin Anzak have been treating the guild (Initech) with his adventure/findings in beta. Since I have not been invited into Beta I use him as a resource with any questions I have about Wrath.

His recent entry, he mentioned the Sunwell dailies are still active in the current version of Beta. For some reason I find this odd and I believe Blizzard may remove some upon the release of WotLK.

However in Beta’s current state all of the dailies are active and give a decent amount of gold with a very nice amount of XP. I’m not sure of the exact number but Anzak said the XP is noticeable. If Blizzard leaves in the dailies, I can see myself incorporating Sunwell dailies along with the Northrend quest in my daily routine. Especially when the dailies on the island only take me 45 minutes to complete. Plus Sunwell dailies provide an alternative area to level because the first week(s) of Wrath will be hectic.

Also worth mentioning, incorporating Sunwell Dailies to your questing can potentially leave more quests open when you hit 80. This will in turn provide you the full gold benefit of the quest at level 80.

It is something to think about.

(Thanks Anzak)


2 Responses to “Sunwell Dailies in Wrath?”

  1. 1 Egamamai September 11, 2008 at 7:01 pm

    I assume you mean the SSO dailies?

    They don’t earn *nearly* as much money in the Beta as they do in the regular game. Why? Because in the Beta anything less than level 80 is not “max level” any more, so you don’t get the XP-to-gold benefit. I did a round of dailies and only got a fraction of what I would in the regular game.

    On an amusing note, there was *no*water* on the Isle of Quel’dailies a couple of weeks ago. That’s right, there was seaweed floating, fishes swimming, but *no*water*. Not *invisble* water, just *no*water* at all. So, for instance, the one quest where you bomb 3 ships and then have to kill 6 Dawnblade belfs, you had to killthem all on the first ship because there was no way to get to the other ones. Hilarious. I have a screenshot. They fixed it a few days later. Perhaps some developer was just joking around, I don’t know.

    The Isle of Quel’dailies, by the way, was practically empty when I visited it in Beta. No-one seems to even bother.

    Hopefully, Blizzard will come up with some dailies with monetary rewards that are appropriate to level 80 characters, because it would be pretty lame for the Isle of Quel’dailies to be swarming with level 80s mindless mowing through the quests in 20 minutes or less…

  2. 2 Salud September 12, 2008 at 2:29 pm

    I understand the quests don’t give that much gold. I was merely looking to use Isle to help level my alt with easy quests for the first few levels (71-72). But from what I am reading and you stated the quests really don’t give that much XP. That is a pitty. Maybe Blizzard will boost the XP when WotLK

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