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How’s your WoWdar?

Is your WoWdar maxed? Can you tell who plays WoW? If not, this post will provide you ideas on how you can tell if someone plays WoW.

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LFB….Looking for Band

Now I need to find a Marshall amp that goes to eleven

Achievements, the new Ding!

When we were lowbies we would announce “Ding” in guild chat that our character leveled. Then a slew of “Grats” would spam guild chat because you hit level 2. As you leveled your need to announce “ding” would die down and eventually stop when you hit max level (level 70). However Blizzard in their cunning and evil ways brought the “ding” back by implementing the Achievement system.
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Somebody’s Watching Me

While I was doing my part in the Scourge Invasion I looted the Haunted Memento. After a few minutes I felt someone was watching me. I was correct.

Burst DPS

I found a great post in the WoWs Paladin forum providing a rational look at the PVP burst DPS.

One part I would like to bring up is the burst DPS over a 7 second period (pre-nerf).

Q u o t e:

1) Ret Paladin scored roughly around 13000-14000 damage over 7 seconds with HoJ on the target. HoJ -> Crusader Strike -> Judgement of Command -> Divine Storm. No wings, no Repentance for an extra crit. There isn’t enough time due to Judgement cooldowns to fit in a second judgement in a 7 second window, so Repentance was pointless.

2) MM Hunter: 15000 in 7 seconds, Aimed Shot, Arcane Shot, Chimera Shot and a Steady were all used. No Sting, since that ticks for 15 seconds and the test is 7. Willing to accept a slight damage reduction due to GCDs technically pushing this test to 7.5 because of Steady. No Hunter’s mark, pet included in the damage, no Kill Command or anything to that effect. Did not begin timing until the pet got to the target and immediately recalled the pet at 00:00:07 and spammed escape.

3) Enhancement Shaman: 15000 in 7 seconds, Stormstrike -> Lava Lash (I think it is?) -> Earth Shock. Windfury + Flametongue as weapon enchants, no Totems down.

4) Elemental Shaman: 10.8k, used Flame Shock -> Chain Lightning -> Lightning Bolt -> Lava Burst. No Totems down, not a current Elemental Shaman player so it’s possible I just screwed up here. If so I apologize Shammies.

5) Feral Druid: 16000 over 7 seconds. Used Ravage -> Mangle -> etc etc, finisher was Ferocious Bite. One thing to note that I altered with Rogue as I figured it would further skew the data, is that this test has Ravage. Without Ravage, Feral is looking at around 12000-13000 for this test. Apologies for that.

6) Arms Warrior: 15000 in 7 seconds without execute or any special procs/bleeds/etc, 100 rage. Concussive Blow -> Mortal Strike -> Whirlwind. I think I threw a Slam in there just to fill the gaps since I was trying not to use proc based attacks. Otherwise I would have used Overpower.

7) Fury Warrior: 13600 in 7 seconds without Slam procs or anything like that, 100 rage. Bloodthirst -> Whirlwind -> Heroic Strike mostly. I was trying to keep the test to activated abilities only.

8) Assassination Rogue: 17000 over 7 seconds. Mutilate wasn’t hitting all that hard, but Instant was. Maybe there’s a bug? For this I was ‘going’ to use Envenom, but figured that probably would have skewed the results even further than they may have already been with these kind of tests.

9) Combat only hit about 13000 over the 7 seconds, but that was mostly Shiv spam. I’m aware that I likely play Combat entirely wrong so I’m not really counting that as a solid measure of burst.

Subtlety did 14000 in a span of 7 seconds. Hemo spam + Evis.

If you compare the damage to the other classes listed. You will see paladin’s burst is not that high compared to the classes. Which makes me wonder, if Blizzard continues to “twink” the burst damage, the paladin class may revert back to its original state. As a vulnerable class to kiting and CC and unable to produce enough damage to kill an opponent.

Back in my Day…

…Karazhan was Tough
…We had to use CC and have two tanks
…and I used to go against mobs twice our size that hit twice as hard.

I finally experience Karazhan after the nerf and it is extremely easy. We steamed rolled through the mobs and we would pull the entire room just give us a challenge and have the healers do something.

The boss fights were easy as well. Madian was killed after one repentance. Curator was downed after one evocate. Aran was killed within two minutes. Within an hour and a half we killed Aran and headed to the Chess Event.

Unfortunately I had to log after the Aran fight but I could see us downing Prince in 2 hours. Maybe sooner.

Overall the run was fun. Feeling OP and killing everyone with no worries was exciting. However I don’t see myself running the instance after this week. I like challenges and Karzhan is not a challenge any more.

Hallow’s End Achievement Removed

Tigole posted the Hallow’s End achievement “Hallowed be The Name” will be changed. “A Mask for All Occasions” will no longer be required to obtain the title “The Hallowed”.

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