Blizzcon: Announcement Prediction

With Blizzcon around the corner, there has been a lot of speculation to what Blizzard’s “Big Announcement” will be. Some say the announcement will be the next Warcraft expansion or their new IP or World of Starcraft or something else I can’t think of. While those announcements are great, I believe the “Big Announcement” will be one of the following:

Diablo III: Additional Class
At Blizzcon, two more classes to Diablo III will be announced. I’m guessing the Amazon and Sorcerer/Sorceress or a class with similar attributes; i.e. magic and range.

New Hero Class
I truly believe Blizzard will release another Hero class before the next expansion. This is due to the successful implementation of the Death Knight class and the praise they have received about the starting area (particularly the new Phasing technique).

Some say the Arch Druid maybe next but I have a small feeling a Barb-like class will be announced.

World of Warcraft: The Movie Trailer
The trailer may not be much other than shots of different location showing murlocs, furbogs, etc with a deep voice guy saying “In a World of Warcraft…” But at the end you’ll see “coming this summer 2010” with glimpse of an orc swinging his sword. Of course Blizzard will be more dramatic with it.

Whatever is mentioned at Blizzcon, I know I will be thrilled about it.

What do you think Blizzard will announce at Blizzcon?


1 Response to “Blizzcon: Announcement Prediction”

  1. 1 Jonny October 9, 2008 at 10:50 am

    I agree with most of your predictions – though I differ a little bit 🙂

    I know blizz has already said the new classes in D3 wont be anything we’ve seen before. Since they haven’t introduced a Pally, I think a class like that will be necessary, given the plot. I’m really hoping something like an Angel; Tryael style. HoW, Zeal, Auras, all the goodies!

    Another Hero class would make sense, but I can’t see blizz releasing it after the xp or releasing even another xp any time soon with their new MMO coming. So, maybe a future Blizzcon. Though, if they’re so good to us, I’d like to see some sort of real combat healer, like the Disciple of Khain in Warhammer. Arch Druid would make sense for such a role – gifted enough in the ways of Druids that they use physical damage to heal themselves.

    You’ve got the trailer spot-on… lol.

    A few more predictions I think should be added to this list are StarCraft II and Diablo III release dates – flush with new gameplay footage, game testing, and cinematics.

    How bout a brief glimpse of their new MMO,too. I’d be happy with concept art and an idea of what they mean by “next-gen”.

    Blizzard and their mysteries… so, intriguing.

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