Back in my Day…

…Karazhan was Tough
…We had to use CC and have two tanks
…and I used to go against mobs twice our size that hit twice as hard.

I finally experience Karazhan after the nerf and it is extremely easy. We steamed rolled through the mobs and we would pull the entire room just give us a challenge and have the healers do something.

The boss fights were easy as well. Madian was killed after one repentance. Curator was downed after one evocate. Aran was killed within two minutes. Within an hour and a half we killed Aran and headed to the Chess Event.

Unfortunately I had to log after the Aran fight but I could see us downing Prince in 2 hours. Maybe sooner.

Overall the run was fun. Feeling OP and killing everyone with no worries was exciting. However I don’t see myself running the instance after this week. I like challenges and Karzhan is not a challenge any more.


3 Responses to “Back in my Day…”

  1. 2 Agnazz October 23, 2008 at 7:35 am

    Just think of it as a different type of challenge – more like a 5-man heroic. 🙂 Go in with only 5 or 6, and things should get a lot more exciting.

  2. 3 Leykis October 27, 2008 at 8:59 am

    You can run it like a pre-BC instance. I just pull up to the first boss, kill em all, kill the boss, rinse and repeat. I introduced my guild to the most enjoyable pull in kara…the entire opera audience…at once. You kill the 5 ushers blocking your way then you pull all four groups of audience members, approximately 24 NPCs, at once and group them up nice and tight around the corner (using LOS to get the casters close), then AOE for about 10 seconds….they’re all dead. It gives at least 2g to each person and usually scores at least one green item if not better.

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