Burst DPS

I found a great post in the WoWs Paladin forum providing a rational look at the PVP burst DPS.

One part I would like to bring up is the burst DPS over a 7 second period (pre-nerf).

Q u o t e:

1) Ret Paladin scored roughly around 13000-14000 damage over 7 seconds with HoJ on the target. HoJ -> Crusader Strike -> Judgement of Command -> Divine Storm. No wings, no Repentance for an extra crit. There isn’t enough time due to Judgement cooldowns to fit in a second judgement in a 7 second window, so Repentance was pointless.

2) MM Hunter: 15000 in 7 seconds, Aimed Shot, Arcane Shot, Chimera Shot and a Steady were all used. No Sting, since that ticks for 15 seconds and the test is 7. Willing to accept a slight damage reduction due to GCDs technically pushing this test to 7.5 because of Steady. No Hunter’s mark, pet included in the damage, no Kill Command or anything to that effect. Did not begin timing until the pet got to the target and immediately recalled the pet at 00:00:07 and spammed escape.

3) Enhancement Shaman: 15000 in 7 seconds, Stormstrike -> Lava Lash (I think it is?) -> Earth Shock. Windfury + Flametongue as weapon enchants, no Totems down.

4) Elemental Shaman: 10.8k, used Flame Shock -> Chain Lightning -> Lightning Bolt -> Lava Burst. No Totems down, not a current Elemental Shaman player so it’s possible I just screwed up here. If so I apologize Shammies.

5) Feral Druid: 16000 over 7 seconds. Used Ravage -> Mangle -> etc etc, finisher was Ferocious Bite. One thing to note that I altered with Rogue as I figured it would further skew the data, is that this test has Ravage. Without Ravage, Feral is looking at around 12000-13000 for this test. Apologies for that.

6) Arms Warrior: 15000 in 7 seconds without execute or any special procs/bleeds/etc, 100 rage. Concussive Blow -> Mortal Strike -> Whirlwind. I think I threw a Slam in there just to fill the gaps since I was trying not to use proc based attacks. Otherwise I would have used Overpower.

7) Fury Warrior: 13600 in 7 seconds without Slam procs or anything like that, 100 rage. Bloodthirst -> Whirlwind -> Heroic Strike mostly. I was trying to keep the test to activated abilities only.

8) Assassination Rogue: 17000 over 7 seconds. Mutilate wasn’t hitting all that hard, but Instant was. Maybe there’s a bug? For this I was ‘going’ to use Envenom, but figured that probably would have skewed the results even further than they may have already been with these kind of tests.

9) Combat only hit about 13000 over the 7 seconds, but that was mostly Shiv spam. I’m aware that I likely play Combat entirely wrong so I’m not really counting that as a solid measure of burst.

Subtlety did 14000 in a span of 7 seconds. Hemo spam + Evis.

If you compare the damage to the other classes listed. You will see paladin’s burst is not that high compared to the classes. Which makes me wonder, if Blizzard continues to “twink” the burst damage, the paladin class may revert back to its original state. As a vulnerable class to kiting and CC and unable to produce enough damage to kill an opponent.


6 Responses to “Burst DPS”

  1. 1 Bloodoath October 24, 2008 at 8:27 am

    I play a paladin as my main, and will be looking forward to dual speccing Prot/Ret in WoTLK.

    The reason I am posting this comment is I think complaining that Blizz will nerf the Paladins current Burst damage has no value. The Trade channel on my server is currently filled with shouts of .. LF Full Brutal Ret Paladin for 2v2 Arena… why? Because Blizzard have badly messed up and Ret it is currently over powered in the Arena.

    Damage should scale with other factors… Armor, survivability and healing are not mentioned above.

    A Paladin has quite a few tricks to mean that they are not quite ‘a vulnerable class to kiting and CC’. They have rapid ground movement, Hand of freedom and the almost invincible bubble meaning they should be more than capable of winning a war of attrition… this should be the Paladin way, not big nukes… in fact a longer (and more fun) fight it is heavily stacked in our favor.

    Try talking to someone who has been ‘owned’ by a Brutal Paladin 3-4 shotting them and ask them how many counters they have against them with the huge burst damage they have alongside their Armor damage mitigation, freedom or Bubble/heal… it may be a blast for us… but it is not fun for them.

    Furthermore should an Arena be over in less than 7 seconds for anyone taken down by a single player? Perhaps this is what is wrong with the Arena… less skillz more DPS…..

    Anyone who wants burst damage, or thinks they need it should re-roll a pure melee dps class or a cloth wearing caster, not a Plated Defensive class.

  2. 2 Matt October 24, 2008 at 11:37 am

    These numbers seem unreal – I still think pallies are way OP in burst damage. But I think Blizz could fairly easy maintain their overall dps just over a longer period of time with smaller damage and shorter cooldowns.

  3. 3 Salud October 24, 2008 at 1:57 pm

    “Damage should scale with other factors… Armor, survivability and healing are not mentioned above.”

    The author was showing straight DPS numbers. Adding armor, survivability, etc gets too messy.

  4. 4 Treat October 24, 2008 at 4:04 pm

    Hmm, I can’t speak for the other classes but I play an arms warrior (which I believe is the closest thing to a ret pally atm) and I can tell you 15000 damage in 7 seconds is an absolute pipe dream even if you allow for 2 white hits from a 3.6 speed weapon:

    2400 (2x white crits)+
    2500 (MS crit)+
    1200 (Whirlwind crit)+
    1800 (Slam crit, which I assume he meant instead of Cuncussive Blow which is a prot talent)
    = 7900 total damage

    Those would be pretty high end crits for me in a mix of S2/S4 gear, a full S4 warrior might be able to push out another 1k or so. But it does assume you start the fight with 100 rage (very unlikely) and that they all crit (EXTREMELY unlikely). Even still, it falls well short of the supposed 15k

  5. 5 Emlewca October 25, 2008 at 7:24 am

    think I agree with Blood on this one… you need the ‘other factors’ because the dps numbers o tell it like it is… still I’m enjoying being the hardest pvp character for a change… my 68 pala was jumped by 70 hunter while killing ogres in nagrand, and I managed to kill the hunters pet, the hunter and the mob 🙂

  6. 6 Leykis October 27, 2008 at 9:07 am

    *cough* um, we need some assumptions clarified before we can take those numbers seriously. First…what was the target? Was it the same class with the same spec and stats? What armor was the target using (damage mitigation is what I am looking at here). What is the sample size? 7 seconds is a very short time frame. One miss means a lot in terms of averages when you have a slow weapon speed or cooldowm attached.

    Anyways, it’s a good conversation starter, but there is a lot of detail missing before you can really believe any of the comparisons.

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