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Defense Gear List

I found a list of gear to help my fellow tankadins obtain the 540 defense skill needed to enter in 10-man / 25-man raids. (5-man Herioc requires 535 defense).

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What ever happened to normal instance runs?

During the holiday weekend, I decided to queue up (LFG) to run a “normal” instance to get the daily done, collect shards (if applicable), and obtain some gear. But to my dismay, there is hardly any one looking to run level 80 normal instances. Everyone wants to run Heroics.

How I don’t mind running heroics but I want to make sure my gear is adequate for heroics and ensure I am not hindering the healer. Then when I feel I have reached that point I will run heroics. With no prerequisite to run heroics I am forced to run heroics because everyone wants the easy road (which is harder). Then it becomes a “How much my repair bill will be this time?” run.

How much I hate to say it but I miss the rep grind for the heroic key in TBC. I know the grind was tedious but I was somewhat OK to group with a player with a heroic key. I feel that player took the time and effort to obtain one, they should be fine running heroics.

I wish Blizzard incorporated a rep grind in WotLK and linked it to the achievements. The achievement would unlocked the heroic if you ran the instance a certain number of times. Unfortunately they did not, so I am kind of force to run heroics with inadequately geared players (including myself).

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays…

from The Holy Light

The “D” Ring


I never laugh so much over an item in WoW, until I saw the quest reward ring from a quest called A Delicate Touch.

I’m easily assumed.

If I have to explain it, you’re too young to understand 😉

/Play “Taps”

I want to give my condolences to a great battleground name Alterac Valley. You have brought me a lot of gear, hatred toward AFK’ers, honor and you were there when I needed PVP. With your passing on December 17, 2008, it will be difficult to PVP without you.

Rest in peace old friend, you’ll be sorely missed.


In all seriousness, Blizzard killed the battleground with out removing it from the game. They simply removed the need for token to purchase he PVP gear and the need for AV tokens when completing the repeatable quest For Great Honor.

In a way I am disappointed that I have a lot of AV tokens that I can’t utilize for honor points.

I hit 540 defense and that is all I had to do?

Last night I hit the magic defense number 540. But I feel let down because it was extremely easy to hit. I just save some of the quest reward, bought/make some defense gear and/or tank a few normal instances (in my case run one). I was expecting the same experience as BC, a lot of instance runs and rep grinds.

I guess I like challenges

Bug of Righteousness

Artery from Damn Pally Tank found an interesting bug.

sr11Shield of Righteousness Rank 1 and Rank 2 have separate cooldowns.

This is an interesting bug, not only does it help tankadins generate more threat but also allows you to produce more damage. When I tested this on a test dummy (lvl 80) I was able to hit around 2-1.5K Rank 2 and 1.5-1K with Rank 1. Keep in mind I am currently spec retribution. I can see someone spec as a tankadin hitting much harder, especially putting points into Shield of the Templar.


Like all bugs blizzard squishes them. I would not expect this bug to be around the start of the arena season.

Warning: Abusing bugs/exploits are a bannable offense. So proceed with caution.

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