Defense Gear List

I found a list of gear to help my fellow tankadins obtain the 540 defense skill needed to enter in 10-man / 25-man raids. (5-man Herioc requires 535 defense).

Enchant Cloak – Titanweave

Enchant Chest – Greater Defense

Lesser Inscription of the Pinnacle (Shoulders)
The Sons of Hodir Reputation.
**Please note that you can still get equivalent enchants Scryer or Aldor turn-ins in Shattrath.

Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector (Head)
Argent Crusade Reputation – Revered

Enchant Shield – Defense

Tempered Saronite Helm
Crafted. Low item level (171).

Helm of the Ley-Guardian
Oculus (N) – Drops from the Cache of Eregos

Ground Tremor Helm
Gundrak (H) – Drops from Moorabi

The Crusader’s Resolution
Quest Reward – The Crusader’s Pinnacle Quest (Icecrown)

Armored Titanium Goggles
Crafted. Engineering (400) required.

Tempered Titansteel Helm

Titanium Earthguard Chain

Chained Military Gorget
Emblems (25).

Burning Skull Pendant
BOE drop from Gundrak. **Check the AH.

Wapach’s Spaulders of Solidarity
BOE drops. **Check the AH

Pauldrons of Reconnaissance
Quest Reward – Halls of Stone Brann events.

Tempered Saronite Shoulders

Crusader’s Square Pauldrons
BOE drop from the Culling of Stratholme.

Cloak of Peaceful Resolutions
Wyrmrest Reputation – Honored.

Screeching Cape
Violet Hold (N) – Drops from Erekem

Tattered Castle D*%#!
BOE drop from Utgarde Keep Heroic. **Check the AH.

Breastplate of the Solemn Council
Wyrmrest Reputation- Revered

Silver-Plated Battlechest
Utgarde Pinnacle Quest (Normal or Herioc) – Found just inside the entrance of the Pinnacle.

Ivory-Reinforced Chestguard
Kalu’ak Reputation – Honored

Tempered Saronite Breastplate

Please note: You can buy T7 10-man chest pieces using 80 Emblems of Heroism.

Tempered Saronite Bracers

Bracers of Reverence
Oculus Quest Reward – A Wing and a Prayer

Bracers of the Herald
Ahn’kahet (H) – Drops from Herald Volazj

Daunting Handguards

Tempered Saronite Gauntlets

Gauntlets of the Water Revenant
Violet Hold (H) – Drops from one of the random bosses

You can also purchase your T7 10-man hand pieces using 60 Emblems of Heroism.

Tempered Saronite Belt

Ancient Aligned Girdle
Azjol’nerub (H) – Drops from Anub’arak

Waistguard of Living Iron
Emblems (40).

Daunting Legplates

Bolstered Legplates
Violet Hold (H) – Drops from Cyanigosa.

Ley-Guardian’s Legguards
Oculus (H) – This is from Eregos’ chest.

Special Issue Legplates
Argent Crusade Reputation – Honored.

Sabatons of Draconic Vigor
Wyrmrest Reputation – Revered

Tempered Saronite Boots

Tempered Titansteel Treads

Dragonflight Great-Ring
Oculus (N) – This drops from the Cache of Eregos

Gal’darah’s Signet
Gundrak (N) – Drops from Gal’darah

Unsmashable Heavy Band
Utgarde Keep (H) – Drops from Ingvar the Plunderer

Band of Torture
Oculus (H) – Drops from Drakos the Interrogator.

Titanium Earthguard Ring

Solid Platinum Band
Gundrak Quest Reward – For Posterity

Staunch Signet
Oculus Quest Reward – The Struggle Persists

Seal of the Pantheon
Halls of Lightning (N) – Drops from Loken.
**This is the only significant Defense trinket until Repelling Charge in Naxxramas 10.

Red Sword of Courage
Utgarde Pinnacle (H) – Drops from King Ymiron

Cloudstrider’s Waraxe
Occulus (H) – Drops from Varos Cloudstrider

Infantry Assault Blade
Utgarde Keep (H) – Drops from Prince Keleseth.

Crescent of Brooding Fury
Zul’drak Quest Reward – Wanted: Ragemane’s Flipper

Eternally Folded Blade
Halls of Lightning (N) – Drops from Volkhan

Hammer of Quiet Mourning
Zul’drak Quest Reward – Wanted: Ragemane’s Flipper

Titansteel Shield Wall

Royal Crest of Lordaeron
Culling of Stratholme (H) – Drops from the Dark Runed Chest

Leeka’s Shield
Culling of Stratholme (N) – Drops from the Dark Runed Chest

Crygil’s Discarded Plate Panel
Emblems (35).

Saronite Bulwark

Tankspot 540 Defense Gear Guide


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