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Blizzard can not get anything right this week

First the 3.0.8 patch disaster, now the WoW forums has gold ads.

To some this is humorous but to me I am a little concern. If a gold ad can sneak into the WoW’s forum, what about keyloggers/viruses. That maybe the extreme but I never put it past the hacker.


Is it true?

Is 3.0.8 finally here? It appears all the websites I read are stating the patch is being released today. Thank goodness. I am getting the tried of the QQ from the WoW community that the patch has not been released.

Here are the listing of changes to the Paladin Class.


Avenging Wrath: Divine Shield, Divine Protection, and Avenging Wrath cannot be used within 30 seconds of each other anymore. Forbearance removed from Avenging Wrath.

Divine Protection: The penalty has been removed.

Divine Shield: The penalty has been changed so that all damage done is reduced by 50% in place of an attack speed penalty.

Hand of Reckoning(NEW): Available on trainers at level 16. It’s a 30 yard range taunt that causes Holy damage.

Judgements of the Pure: This Holy talent now increases the damage done by Seals and Judgements.

Judgement of Wisdom: Now returns a percentage of base mana instead of a percentage of max mana.

Sacred Duty: Interaction with Divine Shield and Divine Protection removed, but stamina bonus increased.

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PUG Rules

I’m starting up a list of do and don’ts when you PUG. The list is small but I will add more as I think of them.

If you have a rule you would like to add just let me know

In no particular order.

PUG Rule #1
Once the group is full all players must make a conscience effort and head to the instance. This means that you must stop your questing/farming/pvping etc and head to the instance.

PUG Rule #2
Do not ask for a summon. See Rule #1 or a summon will come.

PUG Rule #3
Please repair, buy your reagents, bring your food/water, etc before you look for a group to run a certain instance.

PUG Rule #4
Loot Distribution
Green gear BOE/BOP – All roll “Greed”, regardless if the item is an upgrade.
Blue/Purple gear BOE/BOP – All roll “Greed”, unless the item is an upgrade (to your current spec) then roll “Need”.

This will prevent confusion to what you need to do when an items drops from the mob or the boss.

PUG Rule #5
If you’re unable to form a group within 15 minutes, the group should disband or you should leave the party to find another group.

Rule #6
If you are an enchanter make it known before the run begins. This will allow the PUG to approach Rule #4 differently (if needed).

Rule #6.1
When a BOP item is disenchanted, everyone should roll on the mats at that time. This will prevent unwanted drama with the party and the enchanter.

Edit 1/16/2009, added Rule #6 and 6.1

It took this long?

Mining changes in 3.0.8

Mining veins and deposits no longer require multiple hits to receive all the ore. Players will receive around the same amount of ore, stone, and gems they would have received from multiple hits.

No more players looking over your shoulder trying to steal your node between hits. A much needed change. Thank you.

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