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Note to self: Never play WoW after an eye exam.

If you ever have an eye exam which they dilate your eyes, you should wait a few hours (maybe 3+ hours) until you can focus correctly. If not, you can’t read or see correctly up-close or it is very different.

I made the mistake to play WoW while my eyes were still under the effects. I could barely read the chat and some of the bright colors would strain my eyes. I had to sit down with my arms extended as far as I can and my head cocked back so I can at least cope with it. Very uncomfortable but at least I was able to play…somewhat. However, I should of stopped and just logged off because I was asked to fill-in an Off-tank spot since the schedule off tank was having Internet issues.

I accepted because I felt I could cope with it. Well, I couldn’t. My eyes were killing me. I was getting a headache. This led to a mediocre OT experience because I missed a lot of mobs, either I did not see them or they wondered off hitting/killing someone. Such a horrible experience.

I will never raid, let alone play WoW, while under the effects of dilated eyes.


Damn RL

Sorry I have not posted much lately. I’ve been extremely busy with RL (work, family, etc). When I do have the time to play I just want to sit back, relax and enjoy WoW.

Here are some quick updates

Naxx Downed
Initech officially downed every boss in Naxx. It was great to be part of this victory but the last two bosses; Kel’Thuzad and Sapphiron; were easy compared to The Four Horsemen and Heigan the Unclean. Those two bosses demanded coordination throughout the fight. Also call me an old schooler but I felt Karazhan had a more epic feel of accomplishment than Naxxramas.


Spiritual Attunement
Blizzard is removing SA from a baseline ability to a deep talent in the protection tree. I am actually fine with the change.

Sure Retribution mana issues are affected even more but there is talk about Judgment of the Wise may get buff (5% increase or more) which will help more than SA alone.

Lets be a little optimistic before we pass judgment just yet.

I feel trollish

I read a post in the WoW general forum about Heirloom items. This person feels the description on the heirloom item (Bind on Account) is misleading.

Am I the only one who thought that bind on account meant bound to your ACCOUNT?

The troll has a point in some bizarro way. The term “Bind on Account” can be interpreted as to any alt on your account can use the item. There should not be any barrier restricting you to send an heirloom item to another alt in a different server or a different faction.

To someone new to the game or someone that does not read that much news about WoW I can see that happening often, especially with over 11 million subscribers.

With that said, some/most of the player base knows the heirloom items can only be used by an alt of the same faction and reside on the same server. You can’t mail the heirloom item to an alt of the opposite faction or on another server. It’s impossible at this time. Perhaps Blizzard should update the description to read:

Bind on Account Realm Faction.

In short BARF.

Four Horsemen DOWN! Finally!

After several weeks and numerous attempts we finally took down the Four Horsemen last night. It was an exciting moment and I was glad to be part of it.


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