Goodbye Raid PUGs?

Prior to Patch 3.1, it seemed that just about anything in the game could be pugged.

For myself, that was a blessing.  Our guild is more casual in nature, and limits its raids to the 10-man stuff.  We don’t plow through content, but we see enough success to keep us happy.

Yet, from time to time, I get that itch to run a 25-man.  Why?  Part of it is curiosity, to see the fight from a different perspective.  Part of it is the chance of perhaps getting the occasional gear drop that is superior to the 10-man stuff I’m used to.  Part of it is also the achievement-junkie in me, who likes to add the occasional Heroic raid achievement to my ever-growing list of accomplishments.

Before, this plan always worked out well.  I’ve pugged Vault25, OS25, Naxx25, all with pretty good success.

Since the introduction of new content in the patch, though, I’m beginning to wonder if my days of Raid Pugging are nearing an end…

A couple of examples from the past week:

Emalon the Storm Watcher

Used to be that you could complete a Wintergrasp fight, hop into the first 25-man Vault group being formed, and expect to get Archavon down without much trouble.  Some DPS-ers might be slacking, but the better ones in the group could pick up the slack.

Well, Emalon has now put an end to that approach.

I tried pugging this one a couple of nights back.  And we didn’t even get to the boss at first – we wiped on TRASH.  Regroup and go back in, get to the boss…  And wow, did the DPS discrepancy show, this time around.  Even with everyone knowing the fight pretty well (the leader did a good job of explaining it – myself already knowing the strat) – the DPS in that pugged group were just not capable of switching to the proper add fast enough, or generating enough damage to take it down in the time required.

Basically, with the fight being such a DPS race, we were doomed from the start, by undergeared players who thought that they could just hop in for the run, without having the gear for it.

And then there was last night…

Flame Leviathan

I got invited to a Flame Levi pug, which included a handful of people I’d run with before, in Naxx and such.  Many of the other names were new to me, though.

And let me tell you, the performance was pretty sad, for the most part.  Again, many of these people were clearly undergeared for the run – vehicle health is based on the driver’s gear iLevel, and some were quite low.  But even that aside, there was just no coordination from half the players, who seemed to have thrown logic out the door when placed inside a vehicle, for a change.  Common sense things in a normal run, like “Don’t stand in front of the boss” and “Use interrupts on big spells” were just ignored or overlooked, by almost everybody.  It’s like entering the vehicle made them forget that they were in a 25-man raid, and they thought it was just a Wintergrasp Pew-Pew Fest.  Which, given how easy the Flame Leviathan fight actually is…  was pretty sad to see.

So yeah, with all this in mind…  How do I feel about pugging raids now?

I think I may take a break from them. 😛

I mean, sure, this is only week one.  Maybe some people didn’t realize what they were getting into.  Perhaps in a month’s time, Emalon and Flame Levi pugs will be more coordinated, and the raid leader will look some people’s gear up, before sending out the invites.  Could definitely be that in the rush to see the new stuff, people are signing up for runs they have no business being in.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see either of these bosses being a bit more pug-friendly in the future, even if I doubt the majority of Ulduar could be handled by the average pug group.

But personally, I think I’m going to stick to my guild 10-mans for the next little while.  Not sure if I can afford all the extra repair bills…

Anyone else have better luck pugging either of these bosses this week?


5 Responses to “Goodbye Raid PUGs?”

  1. 1 Ambrosyne April 21, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    My first downing of the new VoA boss had to come in a guild run. Heh.

  2. 2 kavika April 21, 2009 at 4:06 pm

    Nope…no luck here, if pugs were even forming at all. I tried emalon once, and that will be my last time until a.) the entire server is waaaay overgeared for the encounter or b.) it’s an organized guild run. Just sucks for my alts that were unlucky on the archy drops of t7 & t7.5 pre-patch because now everyone that starts a 25 VoA run wants to do the new boss first. Which is understandable that they don’t want to get saved, but the likelyhood that they’ll stick around even if we do manage to down the new boss is pretty slim. So that leaves only naxx and heroics for gearing up an alt, and considering I saw probably 5 total groups formed for heroics over about 5 hours of playtime lastnight, that pretty much just leaves naxx, and on my server (hyjal) people aren’t really even running that anymore either. /cry I feel like I’m on one of the newly formed under-populated servers that I need to xfer off of.

  3. 3 Leykis April 22, 2009 at 10:02 am

    Now I’m really upset about the “ninja” job that happened to me on the T7.5 chest piece. Raid leader claimed he thought he gave me my piece and there was a second one on the boss which while I was asking why I didn’t get my piece in raid chat, went to the other prot pally.

  4. 4 Tomas April 22, 2009 at 2:07 pm

    Nope not better and maybe a litltle worse. At least you got invited to an Ulduar pug.. i havn’t seen a group formed all week.

    I did go in both 10 and 25 man VOA and my eperience was pretty much the same as yours.

    frankly i think the difficulty of picking up pugs for the new gear will force people into more arena… with 65% fewer teams in S5 I think arena can use a little boost.

  5. 5 Anzak April 22, 2009 at 2:32 pm

    Yeah, I can definitely see more people jumping into Arena for Season 6, partially as a result of PvE bosses becoming more exclusive and guild-only.

    As for Emalon, I do wish they had put his wing in an entirely separate instance and Raid ID from Archavon. Seems that would have made it clearer that he was in a separate tier of difficulty, while also causing a lot less headaches, both for new 80s who just want gear off Archavon, as well as Emalon-ready players who don’t want to be bogged down by weak dpsers.

    The 2-in-1 system they currently have doesn’t seem very practical to me.

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