Noblegarden Experience

Asshattery, QQ’s, rudeness flocked the servers when The Noblegarden became active.

Well that is what I heard.

When I began my quest to obtain “the Noble” title I did not come across those individuals. Don’t get me wrong I had a few ninja some eggs and I saw some amusing general chat. “Dude, stop stealing my eggs!!” “ This is my spawn point.” yadda yadda yadda. But I kept to myself and nothing really happened. It was quite peaceful.

After circle the Falconsquare a few time collecting eggs, I found nice egg spawn area by the repair guy’s cart which spawned 1-4 eggs around the cart. If other players grabbed the eggs before me I knew they would respawn quickly which is probably why there was not much QQ when I was on. Of course things change as the day goes on.
I farmed the spot for two hours. I managed to get the Elegant Dress, the Suit (pants 3x and shirt 2x), the rabbit (2x), the robe (2x) and 160 chocolate pieces. This allowed me to only spend chocolate on the flowers and the Easter egg to complete the Noblegarden achievements. The RNG worked in my favor. Got to love that.

Then the last hour the RNG worked in a different way. A female dwarf would not drop on my server.

I spent walking, running, riding throughout Daralan looking for a female dwarf to give bunny ears. I even camped the alliance inn waiting for a female dwarf to walk out. I could not find one until I ventured to the mailbox by the flight master. There I saw a female dwarf. I quickly gave her bunny ears and I completed the achievement.

After 4 hours flying to various locations, farming Easter eggs, and searching for a female dwarf I am now Immune the Noble.




1 Response to “Noblegarden Experience”

  1. 1 Leykis May 1, 2009 at 2:34 pm

    Noblegarden is much easier now in the latter part of the week. I picked up 120 eggs in about 40 minutes in Goldshire (this was on Thursday). That many took me 2-3 hours to do on Sunday.

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