Paladins Should Offtank Ulduar 10-man.

I have experience the first half of Ulduar 10-man (excluding The Assembly of Iron) and notice one thing, a lot of adds appear during the boss fights. Is this Blizzard subtle way of saying, you may want a paladin to offtank the adds. Then your fight will be easier.

Think about it. Numerous adds will appear during the boss fight and must be killed asap. A paladin has better abilities to quickly hold the adds at bay while the DPS kills when no issues of anyone pulling aggro.

For example: Razorscale has adds appear when the boss in-flight. If a paladin offtanks all of the adds, it allows the DPS to focus on one tank while the maintank can worry about the Sentinel (if they appear) and the boss.

I am not trying to discourage groups not to use other tanks (Warrior, DK and Druids) but if an encounter is difficult and the adds are too much a paladin is your best choice to AoE Tank.



3 Responses to “Paladins Should Offtank Ulduar 10-man.”

  1. 1 murloc May 22, 2009 at 9:21 am

    Agreed. In a late night 10 man run, the two warrior tank group failed over and over on Kologarn, the adds were all over. Then I came in, pally tanked it up, and the fight is easy mode.

  2. 2 pallyheals May 25, 2009 at 6:23 am

    We also use a DK to pick up the adds. Spec’d Unholy they do a pretty good job.

  3. 3 Kisli May 28, 2009 at 2:19 pm

    I wholeheartedly agree with this, though for a completely different reason. We generally put our Druid tank up on the bosses (unless the bosses are gimmicky and have to be swap-tanked on occasion) not because our guild thinks Pally tanking is OMG TEH AWESUM AND SUPERIOR but because compared to our druid tank, I take much spikier incoming damage if I am placed on the boss. That isn’t to say that I -can’t- tank them, I have picked up bosses numerous times when our druid has bit it. This just reminded me of an article I read on ThinkTank the other day.

    “Druids & DKs take around 18k a hit, and sometimes (if a druid is lucky) 16k.
    Paladins and warriors take around 24k a hit, and sometimes they’ll take 22k.

    Clearly that’s not reasonable. And yes, this is with all the relevant factors of mitigation thrown in.”

    Now my Paladin is at the point she will -always- dodge/parry/block, but when she blocks a little over 1k on a boss…it’s not really doing much for her.

    I think that every type of tank is far more capable of picking up aoe threat than they were in BC…I think it is the opposite spectrum of ‘who should we put on the boss’ that is broken at the moment.

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