Into the Void

Two or three months ago, Blizzard ran a Global Writing Contest. It turned out one of my guild mate (Discordian) was chosen as a runner’s up for his short story “Into the Void”. Congratulations!

A month ago Blizzard gave Disco permission to publish story (at no cost). With his permission I am linking his work. I found it to be an excellent read. For those who likes a dark story with horror this is one you should read.

About the story
It’s a horror story about the first Explorer’s League team sent into Whispering Gulch (the origin of the Deranged Explorers that are there now) and their corruption by Yogg-Saron.

Summary From Blizzard: Dwarves from the Explorers’ League set out to investigate the saronite mines in Whisper Gulch, with devastating consequences.

Janner nodded dumbly and walked away, wiping at his brow. He suddenly felt sick to his stomach. Not wanting to take the switchbacks back down through the gulch, he made his way over the winch-lift. Two young squires quickly appeared, and for a couple of coins, they manned the winch. Janner felt the usual stomach-turning sensation as the lift eased out over empty space. He looked at the shadowed cleft of the gulch, but for no reason he could understand, the sight of it sent shivers running up and down his spine.

Janner turned to watch the cliff face to ease his mind. In the dying light, tiny chips of saronite buried in the stone winked at him like a thousand staring eyes, beetle-green and shimmering.

***After you read the story, please take some time to provide some feedback here. I’m sure he’ll enjoy it.




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