Revenge is a wonderful thing

The other day, I was standing by the Flight Master is Dalaran complicating where to quest with my level 78 Death Knight. I just finished Storm Peaks, leaving the Hodir dailies. I thought about Icecrown but chose to start questing at that place when I hit 80. I even thought about going to lower Borean Tundra but I decided not too. So I was left with Shalazar Basin because it’s a new location, which my death knight has not seen.

I took the quest from the NPC in Dalaran that sends me to Shalazar Basin and walked away from my computer to tend to my youngest daughter…. My daughter wanted to watch “Little Mermaid” for the 10 millionth time. So I got the DVD and started the movie. Now I have “under the sea” song stuck in my head…

I came back to my computer ready to begin my grind and hopefully get my death knight to level 79 before I logged for the night. As I sat down in front of my computer I was being attacked. I thought to myself, it must be a snake or a crocodile. When I looked closer two alliance players (a level 80 Warlock and a level 76 death knight) were attacking me. I was a bit alarmed because I was still flagged. So I just let them kill him. I’ll wait for the PVP flag to wear off, resurrect and begin my grind.”

While I was waiting for the PVP flag to wear off I noticed in the chat log an emote from the level 76 Death Knight.

Death Knight laughs at you
Death Knight spits on you

There is one emote I hate…/spit is it. I feel that emote is derogatory and has no purpose to be in the game.

I got upset and decided to log on my paladin and get my revenge.

I logged on my paladin took a flight from Dalaran to Shalazar Basin. I was complicating on how to get the alliance players to fight since their PVP flag will wear off when I get to Shalazar Basin. I decided to bait them. I would turn on my PVP flag and get them to attack me. When I landed in Shalazar Basin, I mounted up and flew around looking for the alliance players. After a 5-minute search I ended it. I flew back to town and parked my paladin at the inn…just in case.

I logged on my death knight and noticed I was still flagged. Since I did not find the warlock and death knight with my paladin I figured they were gone. I didn’t bother waiting for the PVP flag to wear off so I just mounted and flew to the ogre’s camp to start my questing.

As soon as I landed I noticed in a distance there was the Death knight and Warlock killing ogres too.

There is my chance.

I ran up next to them and began killing an ogre. I made sure they saw me. At first they were hesitant but with a flick of the wrist on my fishing pole I got the fish frenzy.

I said to myself “Take the bait, take the bait.

Well they took the bait. The death knight death gripped me and began to attack. The warlock didn’t not want to be left out so he began his dots. I quickly died but my death knight’s job was done. I quickly logged on my paladin to get my revenge.

Once I logged in, I quickly mounted up and flew to the location. Unfortunately I was too late. The death knight and warlock were gone. I search the Ogre camp high and low but there was no trace of them. My excitement dropped to frustration then to a disappointment. With my head down I flew back the camp moping.

Low and behold, the death knight and the warlock were at the camp…still flagged! I quickly took an assessment of my surroundings. There were 5 players at the camp. The death knight was sitting outside of town eating, the warlock was doing something in camp and the other players a mix of horde and alliance were just standing around (AFK’r)

I quickly swooped down and unloaded on the death knight. With a few seconds the DK died. I had a big grin on my face and began to laugh hysterically.

I turned toward the warlock and /pointed then I began to run toward him but he did not want any part of the fight. He mounted and flew away.

My wife from the other room asked, “What is wrong with you?

I told her “The death knight pissed me off, so I killed him.

She said, “You’re such a dork!

Still grinning, “Yes I am a dork that got his revenge.



7 Responses to “Revenge is a wonderful thing”

  1. 1 JRat August 3, 2009 at 9:09 am

    It sucks when you log on a main to go take out some lowbie gankers/spitters and they’re gone before you get there. Like the time I was on a level 2 (yes 2) warrior in Durotar and I had a flagged gnome DK standing over top every mob I was trying to kill. I couldn’t find the little bastard when I got back there with my druid but was able to take out my frustrations on other flagged alliance in the area heh.

  2. 2 Dorgol August 3, 2009 at 10:11 am

    Revenge is so very, very sweet.

    Oh, and I’ve turned off player emotes in my chat box. I have no need to see who is waving at who or who is /farting around the AH. Even more importantly, I don’t see the guy spamming /spit or /laugh as he and his 2 buddies destroy me.

    It has made Battlegrounds considerably less frustrating. 🙂

  3. 3 kavika August 3, 2009 at 1:40 pm

    Man I miss this kind of pvp, reminds me of the old days at Tarren Mill/South Shore. Oh, and the place in Arathi (forgot the name), but we’d run out and fight off horde while we waiting for AB to pop (remember when you actually had to zone in @ AB/WSG/AV portals?).

  4. 4 JRat August 3, 2009 at 2:54 pm

    Heh I remember TB/SS and Arathi being the place for PvP before WSG and AV went in 🙂

  5. 5 Rudy August 4, 2009 at 4:23 pm

    TB/SS was awful, the lag, the priest/warrior fear… but I do miss it… /ponder /sniff

  6. 6 Absenc August 6, 2009 at 5:09 am

    Nice story, the joys of baiting gankers on a PVE server 🙂 If Death Knights continue to spit on you, try DKEmoter on – it automates making emotes at DKs in pvp 🙂 Or yeah, turn of emotes in chat, good idea!

  7. 7 Alexke August 30, 2009 at 4:55 am

    I know exactly what you mean
    Back in Vanilla, before AQ40 was in the game even. Me and a friend were questing in Duskwood.
    I was playing a warlock, he was playing his druid.
    Suddenly a level 60 warlock and 60 rogue jumped us.
    After being killed 2 times, we descided to log our mains.
    I play a paladin as main, and my friend a warrior.

    We went to Duskwood, but we couldn’t find them after 15minutes. After parking our mains not far from where we were questing, we relogged our alts.
    5minutes later the warlock and the rogue returned.
    This time we were quick enough, and met them face to face.
    I was a lolret back then, but with some MC gear, such as Bonereavers Edge and Flameguard gauntlets(and some other pieces some guys passed to me)
    My friend, playing his warrior now, whielded Sulfuras. Our names from our mains and alts weren’t that diffrent. After slaughtering them several times and thinking they were gone, we relogged again.
    Now they came back, but not to gank us.
    We got spammed with /beg emotes.

    Revenge can indeed be sweet, and I will remember that time for ever.
    It had never tasted so sweet, nor will it ever taste that sweet again.

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