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Happy Pirate’s Day, YARR!



Too Many AFKavers

The past two weeks I have been experiencing the AV leveling grind with my level 70 Warrior (now level 71). It is a nice change of pace in leveling, plus in AV 71-80 bracket the XP is insane.

Unfortunately there are individuals ruining the experience by AFK’ing during the battle. I’ll call them AFKavers. A little pun with AV AFK’ers. Normally players can report them as AFK and call it a day. They are marked with an AFK debuff which will give them no further honor and no marks. However with the ability to obtain XP in PVP, the AFKavers found a work-around. Now the AFKavers can obtain XP in the battlegrounds while under the debuff. So they generally don’t care if they are marked with the debuff because they can get XP. It is a win win solution for the AFKavers

I am shocked not because the AFKavers are able to obtain XP while having the debuff but I do not see Blizzard acknowledging the issue and possibly hot fixing the problem. I just see constant complaining in the WoW forums about the problem. Very upsetting.

So I offer my solution to minimize the threat of AFKavers which will make everyone happy…well I hope so.

When a person is given the debuff, you have 3 minutes to engage with the opposing faction. If not, the individual will be teleported out of the battleground and given an hour-long deserter debuff.

If you’re given the debuff you must engage in PVP with the opposing faction or an NPCs. Attacking animals such as the AV wolfs, rams or birds will not remove the debuff.

Also all XP, Honor and Marks will be given at the conclusion of the battle. If an AFKaver was removed from the battleground then that player would not received any honor, mark(s) or XP.

Exalted Hodir

Finally completed my Hodir rep. I would have been done sooner but doing the daily quest became tedious. I wish Blizzard would make some of the daily quest weekly quest.

XT Hardmode: Light Bomb + Gravity Bomb + Tantrum = Death

Last night my guild attempted XT Hardmode and fell short. We were having a difficult time handling the tantrums and dealing with the Life Sparks.

We manage to get XT to 50% consistently (one time at 40%) but a lot of the players would get the 3 combo of Light Bomb/Gravity Bomb/Tantrum back to back to back. Resulting to death.

Overall I like the challenge. I hope we can take him out the next time.

Shout out to Inside Azeroth Podcast

I want to thank David and Steve from Inside Azeroth in mentioning me and my guild Initech in the shout out segment of Episode 15. The endorsement was not necessary but thank you.

So if you are listening to WoW podcasts and not listening to Inside Azeroth, then I think you should. I truly believe they are one of the better shows about WoW news and well thought out opinions. Check them out.

– Rudy a.k.a Immune

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