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Paladin Tier 10 Armor

MMO- Champion just posted pics of Paladin’s Tier 10 armor.

I’m not impressed. Sorry, compare to the other armor sets this is the worse. I would be ok with the armor if Blizzard fixes the helm. Not the bugged part (the pink neck brace) but face guard. It is open. I am not understanding why that part is open.

I hope Blizzard comes to their senses and closes the helm.


Which Judgments to Use.

Here are some helpful tips to determine who should judge which spell (Light/Wisdom) during a boss fight.

Your primary judgment should be Judgment of Light based on 3.2 changes. The heath return is 2% of the attacker’s maximum health. Tanks have a highest pool of health, which makes this judgment the prime choice to use.

Your primary judgment should be Judgment of Wisdom. This is not due to retadin being a “replenisher” but more of maximizing your mana returns. Currently JoW mana return is limited to 15 PPM for spells and Physical since we utilize both we’ll see a few more proc with your mana return.

Holy can use either judgment of Wisdom or Light, if needed. If a holy paladin must judge during a fight then I would recommend Judgment of Light.

**Keep in mind judgments do not stack. The last person to judge will receive the credit of the effect. So it is important to communicate who is judging what to receive the maximum effect of the judgment.

Reference: Elitist Jerks

Shockadin Guide

For those who thought the Shockadin spec is dead, think again. Aurico from the Bleeding Hollow server create a Shockadin guide. Enjoy.
Continue reading ‘Shockadin Guide’

Are you serious?!?!?

The Horde Paladin Tier 9 armor set is AWFUL!!!!!



one of these things is not like the other

I am highly disappointed. Classes are unique and so should their Tier sets.

Dual Spec

Leykis Wrote

”Any insight on what the dual-spec thing is? I’ve been trying to find info on it but I am apparently the last to know!”

There are plenty of websites to find that information but I found one sight that goes into a lot of detail from the basic information to the latest updates. Check it out Wow Insider’s Dual Spec Guide, it is a good read.

PUG Rules

I’m starting up a list of do and don’ts when you PUG. The list is small but I will add more as I think of them.

If you have a rule you would like to add just let me know

In no particular order.

PUG Rule #1
Once the group is full all players must make a conscience effort and head to the instance. This means that you must stop your questing/farming/pvping etc and head to the instance.

PUG Rule #2
Do not ask for a summon. See Rule #1 or a summon will come.

PUG Rule #3
Please repair, buy your reagents, bring your food/water, etc before you look for a group to run a certain instance.

PUG Rule #4
Loot Distribution
Green gear BOE/BOP – All roll “Greed”, regardless if the item is an upgrade.
Blue/Purple gear BOE/BOP – All roll “Greed”, unless the item is an upgrade (to your current spec) then roll “Need”.

This will prevent confusion to what you need to do when an items drops from the mob or the boss.

PUG Rule #5
If you’re unable to form a group within 15 minutes, the group should disband or you should leave the party to find another group.

Rule #6
If you are an enchanter make it known before the run begins. This will allow the PUG to approach Rule #4 differently (if needed).

Rule #6.1
When a BOP item is disenchanted, everyone should roll on the mats at that time. This will prevent unwanted drama with the party and the enchanter.

Edit 1/16/2009, added Rule #6 and 6.1

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