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My Raiding Season is Over.

A few days ago I announce to my guild that I am ending my raiding season in the Wrath of the Lich King. It is not due to issues with guild but issues with me. I am just burnt out. Raiding a few months after Wrath was released can mentally wear you out.

I had a heck of a good time and I hope the next expansion will just be as fun.

So to my raiding brethrens from KA guild on Cairne (formerly known as Initech….I kid, I kid) I wish ya’ll good luck with your continuous raiding schedule to finish up the ICC and Uludar Hardmodes.

What’s on my plate now…not much but just finish up leveling some of my alts and start new ones (alliance side) while I wait for Cataclysm.


ICC Trash

That is how trash should be in a raid (ie using CC) not a run in AoE fest and brute force.

So far I am liking the ICC. /applause

Also Marrowgar is Down! Congratulations to Initech

Here is our kill video.

Server Rank 1 (10-man Progress)

I am not a person that dwells on guild ranking systems/websites but Guild Ox has my guild Initech tied to be the top rated 10-man guild on Cairne (in progress and achievements). Not bad for a casual guild that raid a few nights a week. Congratulations to Initech!

Tied for First in Progression

First in Guild Achievements

I found one use for Glyph of Divine Storm

I thought Glyph of Divine Storm was a pointless glyph until now.

If you are part of Yogg’s portal group (10), you can heal the group with glyph of Divine Storm and judge light. The damage from the adds are not that high so your heals can compensate for the loss of health. Then when you enter into the brain room, you can heal the group while DPS’ing the brain with no change to your FCFS rotation.

This basically eliminates the need for a healer to enter in the portal.

Yogg Down!


Finally after multiple days of numerous attempts/deaths (20+) Initech finally took out Yogg (10-man).

This fight was by far the best boss encounter I’ve experience in Wrath.


Video of our victory. Part 1:

Part 2:

XT Hardmode: Light Bomb + Gravity Bomb + Tantrum = Death

Last night my guild attempted XT Hardmode and fell short. We were having a difficult time handling the tantrums and dealing with the Life Sparks.

We manage to get XT to 50% consistently (one time at 40%) but a lot of the players would get the 3 combo of Light Bomb/Gravity Bomb/Tantrum back to back to back. Resulting to death.

Overall I like the challenge. I hope we can take him out the next time.

XT as more toys


It appears XT is bugged. More than 20 adds appear in each pile (4 of them).

This prevented us from getting past him.

The joys of a new patch!


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