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Blizzard Developer Chat on Twitter 4/16

Blizzard is chatty again

Q: Will healing hands be a paladin-centered tranquility, or something we have to run around to keep people in range of?
A: The idea is that it matters where the paladin is, so it won’t be raid-wide like Tranquility will be in Cataclysm. We will make sure the magnitude of the heal is sufficient that it’s a button the paladin wants to use. The cooldown and duration aren’t set in stone either.

I’m sure this will be a heal we’ll use but Blizzard worries me when they want the heal to be “sufficient”. I’m expecting a long cooldown (1min), a short duration (8-10sec) and low to semi-moderate heals.

Q: Now that paladin’s Holy Shock is baseline is there any plans to change the Art of War talent?
A: We like Art of War, so we don’t expect it will go away. We understand the concern that Holy Shock might compete with Art of War a little bit in terms of role (an instant damage spell) and that’s something we’re going to have to address.

I’m interested in seeing what they do here.

Q. What information/ideas can you share on PvP utility in the Retribution tree? Mandatory gap closer/interrupt question. Not having a cleanse will hurt. :\
A. Retribution paladins will be getting an interrupt.

I am curious to know if protection paladins can utilize this interrupt as well. Knowing Blizzard they will probably link the spell to Repentance which is too far for a tank to get.


Sacred Duty Nerf

Blizzard nerfed paladin’s health by lowering Sacred Duty stamina buff % from 2 / 4% Stamina, down from 4 / 8% Stamina.

The change is not as bad as it seems, but I sure hate to see nerfs spring up like this.

Oh well I guess my goal/quest to reach 50K health will take me a bit longer.

Icecrown Radiance

For Icecrown Citadel, we are implementing a spell that will affect every enemy creature in the raid. The spell, called Chill of the Throne, will allow creatures to ignore 20% of the dodge chance of their melee targets. So if a raid’s main tank had 30% dodge normally, in Icecrown Citadel they will effectively have 10%.

Why are we doing this?

The high levels of tank avoidance players have obtained is making the incoming damage a tank DOES take more “spiky” than is healthy for raiding. Ideally, tanks would be receiving a relatively constant stream of damage over time. This allows healers to better plan their healing strategy, broaden their spell options, and simply give more time to react. Tanks could use their cooldowns more reactively. Instead, the current situation is that if we make a hard hitting melee boss and a tank doesn’t avoid two successive swings then the tank could very well be dead in that 1-2 second window. The use of reactive defensive abilities instead becomes a methodically planned affair, healers have to spam their largest heals just in case the huge damage spike happens.

We’ve been trying to do a fair amount to mitigate the effect of high tank avoidance on the encounter side of things during this expansion with faster melee swings, additional melee strikes, dual wielding, narrowing the normal variance of melee swing damage, and various other tricks. There’s a limit to what we can do, however. So to give us a bit of breathing room we’ve implemented Chill of the Throne. Going forward past Icecrown Citadel, we have plans to keep tank avoidance from growing so high again.

We’ll have this on the PTR soon so players can see the effects inside Icecrown Raid.

I don’t see that much of an issue. The damage will be less spiky, so you will get a nice steady stream of damage.

I wouldn’t make any changes to your gearing strategy just yet but with getting hit more, Reckoning is looking more attractive.

Patch 3.2 PTR – Build 10072

I was looking over the new 3.2 patch notes at mmo-champion. One particular change caught my eye

Glyph of Righteous Defense: Now also increases the chance for Hand of Reckoning to hit.

This is actually a very nice change. Any help to reduce the misses with my taunts (damn you Razorscale) is always welcome, imho. Now I need to find out how much of an increase.

The Cleansing Tank

Just wanted to briefly comment on one of the awesome abilities a paladin tank has at his or her disposal, that all too often gets overlooked:

The mighty “Cleanse” spell.

I remember when we initially started running Naxx, and there was the concern over making sure Maexxna’s poison got removed off the main tank, as fast as possible.  There were the general strats of using a druid for Abolish Poison, or a shaman with a Cleansing Totem…

In the end, though, I found that the most reliable option of all, was to just do the job myself.  Decursive is typically a healing add-on, but why should a pally tank be afraid of using it too?  I’d just keep my mouse cursor hovering over my own debuff box, then immediately click off the debuff as soon as it was placed on me.  Didn’t really get in the way of my threat rotation, worked just as well as the other options, and best of all: left my life in my own hands – and we all know tanks are control freaks at times. 🙂

Now, in Ulduar, I’ve come across another encounter with the same mechanic, albeit even *more* deadly.  This would be Steelbreaker in the Assembly of Iron fight.  He places a nasty DoT on the tank, immediately after hitting him with Fusion Punch.  This DoT is pretty much a guaranteed wipe, unless it is removed *immediately* upon being placed.

So again, why leave your fate in your healers’ hands?  Why burden them with the extra task of cleansing your debuffs, when they should be allowed to simply focus on healing through the damage?  So the same strat applies – simply start spam-clicking that debuff icon in Decursive, as you see Fusion Punch being cast.  And just halt your threat rotation long enough for that one general cooldown you’ll need to get the Cleanse spell off.  And simple as that, you’ve kept yourself alive, while taking a significant burden off your healers (and DPS, if you’d normally have a Ret pally doing that same thing).

I mean, if it’s one of the special benefits that comes with being a paladin, why not make the most of it?

I hit 540 defense and that is all I had to do?

Last night I hit the magic defense number 540. But I feel let down because it was extremely easy to hit. I just save some of the quest reward, bought/make some defense gear and/or tank a few normal instances (in my case run one). I was expecting the same experience as BC, a lot of instance runs and rep grinds.

I guess I like challenges

Bug of Righteousness

Artery from Damn Pally Tank found an interesting bug.

sr11Shield of Righteousness Rank 1 and Rank 2 have separate cooldowns.

This is an interesting bug, not only does it help tankadins generate more threat but also allows you to produce more damage. When I tested this on a test dummy (lvl 80) I was able to hit around 2-1.5K Rank 2 and 1.5-1K with Rank 1. Keep in mind I am currently spec retribution. I can see someone spec as a tankadin hitting much harder, especially putting points into Shield of the Templar.


Like all bugs blizzard squishes them. I would not expect this bug to be around the start of the arena season.

Warning: Abusing bugs/exploits are a bannable offense. So proceed with caution.

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