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The “D” Ring


I never laugh so much over an item in WoW, until I saw the quest reward ring from a quest called A Delicate Touch.

I’m easily assumed.

If I have to explain it, you’re too young to understand 😉


/Play “Taps”

I want to give my condolences to a great battleground name Alterac Valley. You have brought me a lot of gear, hatred toward AFK’ers, honor and you were there when I needed PVP. With your passing on December 17, 2008, it will be difficult to PVP without you.

Rest in peace old friend, you’ll be sorely missed.


In all seriousness, Blizzard killed the battleground with out removing it from the game. They simply removed the need for token to purchase he PVP gear and the need for AV tokens when completing the repeatable quest For Great Honor.

In a way I am disappointed that I have a lot of AV tokens that I can’t utilize for honor points.

Ghostcrawler says I am a Hardcore Player.

The day I hit 80 I found an interesting blue post;

If you’re 80 already, you are a relatively hardcore player. Most WoW players are not 80 yet. If it’s easy for you, it’s not easy for everybody.

This made me chuckle because I am not a hardcore player or even relatively. I just quested and completed the zone (or until I receive the achievement). Then I proceeded to the next zone. I took my time.

So by Ghostcrawler stating I am somewhat of a hardcore player made my E-peen get bigger. 😛





I am disappointed with my favorite holiday event: Brewfest. It is not due to the Kodo and Ram mount issue or the missing pink elekk quest (technical issues prevent this quest to be available). The dwarf attacks are still broken. I have tried to complete this quest a few times but I am still not getting credit no matter how times I hit a dwarf with my beer mug. I have reported this to the GM but they’re stating the quest is working as intended. Here is their email addressing the issue.

One part I find interesting is “you will not receive quest items…while in a raid.” If the GM checked my character, they would have noticed my character was not in a raid. /sigh

Also the prize tokens now have a duration. A casual player, like myself, can not save the tokens to purchase an item the following year. Which force us to buy something this year in fear of the duration to expire even though we may not need or want the item. Thus all the work to obtain the coins is gone.

Overall I still like the holiday but I am disappointed.

Alt Mode

If you logged in World of Warcraft you would have noticed your downloader was being updated. This is great news. 3.0 is coming, very soon. However when I saw this, I immediately went into alt leveling mode to get a third and final alt to 70 before Wrath of the Lich King. Now I can’t decide if I want to level my warrior (level 42) or my mage (level 22).


Sunwell Dailies in Wrath?

A fellow guildie and paladin Anzak have been treating the guild (Initech) with his adventure/findings in beta. Since I have not been invited into Beta I use him as a resource with any questions I have about Wrath.

His recent entry, he mentioned the Sunwell dailies are still active in the current version of Beta. For some reason I find this odd and I believe Blizzard may remove some upon the release of WotLK. Continue reading ‘Sunwell Dailies in Wrath?’

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